9 Skincare Mistakes We All Make

Whether you spend just 30 seconds every morning or have a dedicated pre-bedtime ritual, practically everyone has a skincare routine. But what if you’re doing things totally wrong and actually causing some of your skin concerns, like dryness, breakouts, and redness? And sometimes, life gets in the way; busy schedules, late nights, and a few drinks, then the skincare rules literally fly out the window. Your daily habits make a major difference when it comes to skincare. Here are 9 of the top skincare habits we’re all guilty of.

  1. Sleeping in makeup: The number one factor in bad skincare! You can be forgiven for that one late night, but it can’t be a habit and this is probably one of those things a lot of us are guilty of doing. We know what it’s like when all you want to do is crawl into your bed and go to sleep, but when you realize the damage sleep in your makeup can cause you might think twice next time. Not removing your makeup for the night clogs your pore and oil glands. Makeup attracts free radicals which break down the collagen production in our skin and essentially speed up the ageing process, and our skin becomes dull and dehydrated. Our skin works while we sleep, it’s renewing and repairing our skin cells to produce healthy new ones which helps us to look fresh and radiant.
  2. Not cleansing properly: This is the second biggest mistake most women make when it comes to their skin and where a multitude of skincare issues stem from. If you tend to wear a lot of makeup, especially long-wear foundation or a primer base, one-step cleansing may not be enough to get your skin completely clean. Double cleansing will ensure you are fully removing all makeup and impurities from the skin, the first cleanse will remove surface make-up and dirt. The second cleanse will actually clean the skin, and will really make a difference to the look and feel of your skin.
  3. Not using the right cleanser: You may be diligent in makeup removal, but are you using the right cleanser to put your skin in optimal condition for overnight renewal? Look for a cleanser that contains the right ingredients. Things like antioxidants for protection, salicylic acid to help clear your pores, and witch hazel, which acts as a natural astringent. Check for products for greasy, dry, or normal skin and use what is appropriate for your skin type. Using whatever you can find is not an option.
  4. Toning & moisturizing: After cleansing, you must immediately use an alcohol-free toner and moisturizer. If you leave your skin bare for more than one minute, it will start to dehydrate as the dry air sucks moisture out of the skin. Perform your skin care routine quickly, and be sure to always leave your toner damp on the skin. This will leave your skin protected and avoid the tight and dry feeling.
  5. Eye makeup removal: You know you’ve done it: skimped on your cleansing ritual only to wake up in the morning with huge rings of mascara and eyeliner underneath your eyes. If eye makeup isn’t thoroughly removed, it’s possible that left over makeup can get into our tiny hair follicles and cause eye infections and in some case lashes can fall out. Makeup sits on your skin and gets imbedded into your pores, which can not only irritate skin, but also lead to clogged pores, noticeable dryness, and fine lines. Using a good eye make-up remover that’s specially designed for this delicate area will ensure all make-up is removed safely and efficiently. Oil and water-based formulas are super gentle and packed with hydrating agents, so you wake up looking fresh-faced.
  6. Over exfoliating: These days, when it comes to skincare products, if it’s not burning or stinging, then people think it’s not working. In the quest to look younger and have smoother skin, people are doing too many aggressive exfoliating treatments that are actually injuring their skin. When the skin is over exfoliated, we are actually damaging our skin cells by not giving them a chance to grow into healthy skin cells. This can result in skin sensitivity and cause redness and in some cases sores on our skin. Use a gentle exfoliant no more than twice a week and skip harsh granules or micro-breads. Avoid the skin near your eyes, plus the skin right around your nose too, your skin is unexpectedly sensitive there and irritation will basically make you look like Rudolph.
  7. Forgetting SPF protection: The number one reason why your skin will age prematurely is from sunlight, daylight, and UV rays. And 78% of those rays come from incidental exposure. These are all the times when you don’t think you’re getting the damaging rays, like driving in the car, sitting near windows in your home or office, or walking outside on a cloudy winter day when people don’t feel like they need sun protection. If you want to prevent wrinkles, wearing sunscreen 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out, is a must. It’s not just for the beach. Apply it to your chest and the top of your hands as well.
  8. Not drinking enough water: Another thing we know we should all be doing; do we drink enough water? Water maintains moisture in the body and is perfect for keeping all of your skin hydrated and supple. It naturally suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat. An increase in water intake reduces fat deposits and vice versa. Try for six to eight glasses of water a day.
  9. Lack of sleep: One of the simplest, cheapest, yet best-kept anti-ageing secrets and one of the best things you can do for a glowing, youthful complexion is to have a good night’s sleep. It’s during those precious hours that our cells repair damage, so this is vital! Try and get your beauty sleep in, the ideal amount is eight hours.