Your Mini Guide to Sahel This Summer

Summer is FINALLY here and, of course, summer means Sahel. If you are going there and want to try something new this summer, this is for you! We will tell you all you need to do to have the greatest summer this year. Get hyped and be ready for the fun!

First things first, as you, of course, care the most about the accommodation, here is a list of the most elegant and sophisticated resorts in Sahel.


  • Marassi


Location: located in KM 125, North Coast, Sidi Abdel Rahman. 

Facilities: 5-star hotel, swimming pools, clubs, healthcare complex, retail shops, beauty salon, golf course, beach clubhouse, restaurants, and cafes.

  • La Vista


Location: located in KM 170 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road and could be easily reached through the New Fouka Road.

Facilities: Beach pools, clubhouse, women’s private pool, cascading falls, sea-side open-air gyms, supermarket, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, in addition to entertainment and commercial venues on the beach.


  • Amwaj


Location: located in KM 136, Alex Matrouh Desert Rd, Sidi Abdel Rahman.

It is a convenient location, lying between Marina and Hacienda. It is also 135 km from Alexandria and 155 km from Marsa Matrouh airport which, in fact, makes it close to all hotspots and trendy destinations in North Coast.

Facilities: 5-star hotels, sports area, clubhouse, kids club, swimming pools, splash activity pool, supermarkets, Breeze Beach House, recreational area, pharmacy, security, facility management, mosque, interactive fountain, aqua kids, women’s private beach and pool, retail and commercial, in addition to restaurants and cafes.


  • Hacienda Bay


Location: located in KM 200, North Coast, Sidi Abdel Rahman. 

Facilities: golf course, private swimming pools, roofed parking, parks, recreational facilities, clubhouses, top-class beauty salons, and commercial shops.


  • Marina

Location: from KM 94 – KM 111 of the Alexandria Matrouh Road, El-Alamein. 

Facilities: private beaches, aqua park, entertainment city, swimming pools, hotel, yacht club, commercial center, gym, the billiard hall, in addition to restaurants and cafes.


  • Marseilia


Location: KM 69 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. 

Facilities: five swimming pools, two aqua parks, kids’ area, hotel, supermarket, medical center, commercial mall, and security.


  • Al Alamein Hotel


Location: Kilo 129, Matrouh Road, Sidi Abd El Rahman, 51732 El Alamein.

Facilities: fitness centre, spa, swimming pool, convenience store, beauty salon, bicycle rental, water sports, and tennis court.


  • Caesar’s Bay


Location: 85 Km from the center of Marsa Matrouh city, 90 Km from Marsa Matrouh Airport, and 50 km West of Alamein airport.

Facilities: private sandy beach overlooking the island, five swimming pools including one for kids, and one jacuzzi, beach volley court, tennis table, billiard, darts, gym, spa, kids club, wireless internet, baby coat, and baby chairs.


  • Diplomats Village


Location: Sidi Abdelrahman, North Coast.

And If you’re a party person, you should head to…

The Tap North in Marassi

Reservation: 0106 000 0867

Tabla in Amwaj Sidi Abdelrahman

Reservation: 0122 055 5550

6ix Degrees in Hacienda Bay

Reservation: 0127 666 6426, 0122 456 6666

Exit in Dunes Mall opposite to Hacienda White

Reservation: 0120 620 2927

Aura Arena opposite to Marina 6

Reservation: 0100 831 7676, 0115 233 2866

Lemon Tree & Co. in Marassi

Reservation: 0115 666 9995, 0115 666 9996

Blu Bar at Sahel Rivera Beach in Amwaj

Reservation: 0122 555 2224, 0100 001 1475

Bayside in Hacienda Bay, KM 126

Reservation: 0128 187 1466

Martin’s Beach Club on Bo-Island in Sidi Abd El Rahman

Reservation: 0100 960 7786

Sachi by the Sea in Hacienda Bay

Reservation: 0120 726 6005

Sea Salt in Telal

Reservation: 0106 708 0707

The Smokery in Marassi

Reservation: 01064465564, 01203335903

If you’re a shishsa person, you can head to…

Hookah Lounge in Marassi, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Reservation: 0100 681 9119

La Bodega in Marassi

Reservation: 0102 776 1614

Tijuana beach and Lounge in Sidi Abdelrahman

Reservation: 0122 522 5079

Also, you can now enjoy the floating shisha all over Sahel while swimming at your favorite beach. It’s the new trend!

And finally, if you are not an outgoing person and want to chill in Sahel, here are some suggestions for home activities.


  • Netflix


You can of course watch Netflix and chill, ordering you favorite snacks and enjoy your favorite movies while overlooking beautiful scenery.


  • Board Games


Board Games are the best time killers. They are the best thing you can do with your friends and family. You can play chess, monopoly, scrabble, clue, uno, cluedo, or risk.