Nada Akram

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Interview By : Insight

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If you think you dont know her, look inside your closet for that Audrey white t-shirt. Nada Akram concurred the fashion world with her stylish unique designs, and with her artistic taste and little sketchbook; she continues to be on top.

Its a long journey and its really hard to work in a field that doesnt consider copyrights.

From online shopping to owning one of the biggest lines in Egypt, how did it all happen?

It all happened very quickly, social media was my lucky charm plus word of mouth. Usually when someone wears a piece of my collection her friends ask her where it came from and so on.

What is your source of inspiration as a designer?

Everything vintage in Egypt, I am always nostalgic about this culture and working to add a casual effect to it.

When it comes to printed tops and t-shirts you are considered a trendsetter, how did you turn such a basic idea into a trademark?

First, this is one of my favorite questions and thank you for seeing me that way. It all started by my addiction to t-shirts, I never stop buying t-shirts and I was so bored from the stores, it was so easy to tell which t-shirt is from which store. I decided when I started my line to add something 3D to a vintage photo. My first two photos were Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe, I added Arabic writing, a skirt and a bow and this is how it all started. Its my signature to turn a vintage print to a funky up-to-date t-shirt.

A lot of celebrities were spotted wearing Nada Akram Designs, who is your favorite to dress?

I have to say its Yasmin Raies because she is so bold and always open to try new things.

Who do you wish to see wearing Nada Akram?

Nancy Agram in the Middle East and Eva longoria internationally.

What one piece that you created is the closest to your heart, and why?

This will always be my boroa t-shirt because its hand drawn and the boroa on it is so vintage. Its my top selling design and it has been copied a lot, so that means its a huge success.

How can you evaluate the fashion industry in Egypt today?

Fashion industry is growing its getting better every year and a lot of designers are appearing on the scene which is making me very happy.

What fashion advice can you give our fashionistas this summer?

Wear what you feel comfortable with and always be different and unique.

In your opinion, what are the summer basics every girl should own?

A plain cotton maxi dress.

Your SS14 launch party was a blast, did you expect this huge success?

I didnt expect it to be that successful, thanks for Bazarna team who organized the whole thing for me. I am so grateful for them.

Are you pleased with what youve reached?

I am thankful for sure but I still have a lot more to do. Its a long journey and its really hard to work in a field that doesnt consider copyrights.

How do you prepare for your new collection?

I prepare my new collection very early, as I always have a small notebook with all the ideas and sketches and I keep adding to it through the year. I never follow any rules or runways; I just do what I love to do.

Whats our advice for those who want to follow your footsteps?

Be yourself, have your own signature and taste, never copy any other designer, study fashion, as having a fashion line is not about buying some fabric and going to someone to do them for you, love what you do and always be original.

Whats new for Nada Akram?

I am preparing a new kids fashion line with my friend Dania Banawy. I am also preparing for my anniversary by launching a limited edition beach-wear in August to be displayed at Bazarna Marrassi.