9 Tips for Taking Care of Oily Skin in the Summer

There are lots of reasons why we love summer, including the extra daylight, beach trips, and vacations. But when you have oily skin, you may find yourself thinking more about how you’re going to help prevent your complexion from looking overly greasy instead of focusing on kicking up your feet and enjoying the surf and the sand. Follow these 9 skincare and makeup tips for taking care of oily skin during summer.

  1. Use a Gel Cleanser

When it comes to your oily skincare routine for summer, it’s all about looking for products that help mattify your skin. And the first step in your skincare routine should be cleansing. Start your morning routine with a gel or foam cleanser. Gel formulas are perfect for oily skin as they help decongest clogged pores and remove excess oil without stripping or dehydrating the skin. Look for formulas that have antibacterial ingredients as this will help combat any acne bacteria in the skin. 

  1. Use a Water-based Moisturiser

Think you can skip the moisturiser if you have oily skin? Think again! In the summer, look for a lightweight moisturizer formulated for oily skin. Look for gel moisturisers that have a water-like texture and are super lightweight, as these contain the lowest amount of oil, waxes, and emulsifiers. Also check to see if they’re non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores.

  1. Use Sunscreen

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to use SPF on a daily basis. Sun damage is one of the main contributors to skin damage such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation. And although you may think that slapping on thick sunscreen is going to wreak havoc on your skin, it’ll actually help reduce the appearance of acne scars and hyper pigmentation, which if left unprotected, won’t be able to fade. Look for a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 30 for the summer months.

  1. Exfoliate

Oily skin is especially prone to dead skin cell build up, blackheads, and clogged pores. Above that, environmental damage can cause the surface of the skin to become dull, rough, uneven, and can worsen the appearance of fine lines. To prevent clogged pores and rough skin, it’s important that you exfoliate your skin regularly from two to three times a week with a gentle exfoliant. Opt for a chemical exfoliator, which is an enzyme or acid-based formula that penetrates deep into the skin, dissolving and dislodging dead skin. 

  1. Use Clay Face Mask

Clay face masks are one of the most popular skin care products out there—and if you have oily skin, you may benefit from adding one to your skincare routine this summer. Clay masks can help mattify the appearance of your complexion for a shine-free look. And isn’t that the ultimate skincare goal? It also helps draw out the build-up of impurities, dirt, and oils. Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and rinse. We recommend using it three times a week.

  1. Switch to BB Cream

Having your makeup start to drip down your face the second you step outside during the summer is just the worst. Instead of piling on multiple products, just opt for a lightweight BB cream. It primes to smooth skin’s texture, corrects for an even-looking complexion, hydrates for long-lasting moisture, and is perfect to hide imperfections.

  1. Use a Primer before Makeup

When you have oily skin, you may find that your face makeup has a particularly hard time staying put during the summer heat. To ensure that all you’re blending, blotting, and powdering stays put all day long, be sure to start your makeup routine off with a mattifying primer, designed to smooth the surface of your skin while absorbing excess oil.

  1. Set your Makeup

While using face primer is a sure-fire way to prevent against midday makeup madness, it never hurts to go the extra step to be sure that your foundation, concealer, bronzer, and highlighter stays where you put them. To do so, finish your makeup routine with a finishing face powder. Use a fluffy brush to apply it to give your whole face a light dusting without ruining the makeup under it.

  1. Use Blotting Sheets

If you haven’t hopped on the blotting paper bandwagon, you’re missing out. Blotting sheets can seriously come in handy if you have oily skin. Just press one onto your complexion to help absorb excess grease during the day. They’re compact enough to keep on you at all times. All it takes is a quick trip to the ladies’ room and a single sheet to help get rid of the excess shine.