Miss Egypt Universe 2018

Nariman Khaled

Amidst our stories of success that adorn our pages this month, Insight exclusively met with Nariman Khaled, Miss Egypt Universe 2018, who talks to us about persistence, hard work and the reasons behind her successes and best achievements.

What sparked your interest in the world of beauty pageants?

I used to watch and follow different pageants when I was young. When I saw the application for miss universe online, I had a flashback and decided to sign up for it. 

How do you respond to those who find pageants to be vain?

I believe many things can be considered vain, it all depends on the person. I think if you use whatever popularity you gain from pageants for positive contributions then it can be a great opportunity.

What do you think this title adds to you as a person?

As a person it adds a lot. I’m meeting so many new people and having lots of new experiences. I feel more independent and confident. I feel blessed and know only positive things can come from it.

How would you define success?

It’s happiness.

What or who inspires you?

My parents are probably my biggest inspiration. They taught me everything I needed to know to get me to where I want to be. 

How do you keep yourself  motivated?

I’m always thinking ahead. No matter what I’m dealing with today, whether positive or negative, I always remind myself that any experience contributes to my future.

How will you employ your new title to help ameliorate the community? What do you seek to change?

I plan on continuing to volunteer at different charities and I hope my title will help me in raising awareness of the need to put an end to child labour as well as stress the importance of education for our youth. 

Tell us more about your career and how this title will help push you further?

I’m currently a Senior Business Information systems student. I hope to work in project management later in my career. I think my title will help because any extra curricular activities outside of my studies are great on my CV.  

Has meeting so many like-minded women in the pageant added something to your perspective?

Yes, it reminded me that a lot of us have the same goals, dreams and even insecurities.

What’s your next big step?

Miss Universe! The pageant is less than two months away and I’m working hard to be ready and do my best representing Egypt.

We heard you’re a spiritual person. Do you meditate? How do you stay stress-free?

I’ve been doing yoga since my internship in India a couple years ago. A little bit of yoga, exercising, meditation and prayer is how I keep it together. 

What’s your golden advice to lead a successful career?

Intuition. It’s all about intuition.