Mariam Amer

The Pilates & TRX Expert

Mariam Amer is a Stott Pilates certified instructor, a workaholic mother and an inspiration to those who are hesitant about finding the right fitness routine for them. The Pilates and TRX certified expert talks to us about fitness trends, the nature of her career and guilty pleasures.

Tell us what you do and how you got started. 

I’m a licensed Pilates and TRX instructor. I’m also certified in indoor cycling and group fitness, which includes toning, aerobics as well as high and low impacts. I started teaching in 2007, but I was introduced to the industry two years before that. I used to attend classes in a lovely ladies-only fitness studio. One of the trainers really inspired me, and I believe this is just an example of how much impact trainers can have on their clients. It’s like she adopted me, and she kept pushing me to where I got now. I started working on my certification two years after and began to teach. A couple of years later, I was introduced to Pilates, which was an absolute blessing for me and I never stopped teaching it since. It’s been almost ten years.

What do you love the most about your career?

I love how I get to meet different people from different backgrounds. I get to learn a lot from my clients, and I’m a people person, so that makes me appreciate it more. I also enjoy how much I get to give, motivate, inspire and lead. I love working with the human anatomy. I teach Pilates and body-conditioning workouts, so I get to work with my clients’ bodies one-on-one. It’s just really interesting to learn about the capabilities of the human body and that certain postural imbalances could lead to specific injuries, some of which are quite serious. The best part is working on increasing my clients’ physical capabilities, addressing their postural issues and meeting all of their specific needs. And for me to pass this knowledge over is what I truly enjoy the most.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

It’s food! I love eating. But thankfully, it doesn’t show. That has always been the case even before I got into fitness. I wasn’t too skinny, but I have always been petite. I really love every type of food, no matter what cuisine it’s from as long as it tastes good. I try to control it, but I cannot ignore it because at the end of the day, we need to eat to survive. I just try to control the timing and portions, but I eat everything. I’m not one of those people who can follow plant-based diets or ketogenic diets. My favourite foods are always loaded in carbs, and I’m aware of how unhealthy the over-consumption of that can be, but if you exercise, watch your intake, and burn calories, then why not treat yourself to a great meal every now and then?

How do you deal with fatigue?

I’m not the best person to tell you how to limit fatigue because I’m a mother to an almost three-year-old daughter, so I’m always tired. I don’t get enough rest or sleep, but I do my best. People who exercise are much better prepared to overcome fatigue of all kinds in general.

Name one false trend you’re tired of correcting.

Fitness! Fitness should not be made into some fleeting trend. It should be as simple as possible because we should work towards being healthy and fit. You shouldn’t hop on a fitness trend without making sure it’s what your body needs.

What is your favourite:

Healthy snack… Fruits and oatmeal. Gym Accessory… I’m a Pilates instructor, so my mat and my stability ball.

Do you prefer:
Water or energy drinks? Water.

Gym Equipment or home aerobics?

Both, but if I had to choose, then I prefer the gym.

What is one thing you would never eat?

I love all kinds of food. But if there was something I wish I would stop eating, it’s non-nutritive food. But there’s nothing I would not eat.

What’s your golden advice for rapid weight loss?

I don’t really believe in rapid weight loss, but if there’s golden advice that I would give to my clients, it would be to nourish your body with healthy food and simply move!