Mai Adel

The Zumba Expert

With Zumba dancing being amongst the highest caloric burning fitness routines worldwide, it’s no surprise how immensely popular it has got in such little time. Mai Adel is a Zumba star, and she talks to us about how she got started, why people need to incorporate more exercise in their daily routines and gives us some advice for quick weight loss. 

Tell us what you do and how you got started. 

I’m a Zumba Fitness instructor. It all started four years ago. I had always admired dancing, and I had the talent of teaching moves to others. I was thrilled when I first knew that Zumba fitness training was now accessible in Egypt, and when I had the chance to apply for the training courses and become a licensed instructor, I did not hesitate to proceed with that. And here I am!

What do you love the most about your career?

I love the self-confidence that I give to my students. They all walk in to their first class very shy and self- conscious with their body postures and dance moves. But believe me after a couple of classes, all these insecurities change.

Does it ever get too exhausting?

Despite the exhaustion that I feel because of all the muscle sores, I still can’t miss any of my classes, and I end up feeling more exhausted and guilty of all the pressure that I put on my body. But I still enjoy these classes with my students, and this eases all the pain. I cure that by some massages, and I take some time off every now and then.

How do you deal with fatigue?

We all need some time off to regain our energy.

Name one false trend you’re tired of correcting.

The false trend that I always correct is when people come up to me and say, “I don’t want to get used to a certain type of workout because I’m afraid that when I stop, I’ll gain all the extra weight I lost.” You actually won’t gain weight just by dropping a workout routine. It’s the amount and type of food you eat that counts the most.

What is your favourite:

Sport… Gymnastics.

TV show… Anything related to dancing.

Healthy snack… Fruits, fruits and more fruits!

Gym Accessory… Zumba wear and all its accessories.

What is one piece of gym equipment you always use?

In Zumba fitness, you don’t really use gym supplies or equipment, only a good sound system and an empty studio are what you need.

Do you prefer water or energy drinks?

Definitely water. Energy drinks still have a massive amount of sugar that you surely don’t need.

What is one thing you would never eat?

Although I know protein is the most important type of food your body needs while working out, I hate red meat! I can only eat white meat, namely chicken and fish.

What’s your golden advice for rapid weight loss?

Always stick to a diet plan that suits your body, and always keep working out. Make it a lifestyle!