Ahmed Abdel Hamid

A Master of TRX

TRX suspension training has recently caught the fitness wave in Egypt. The suspension weight training routine is both a fun and efficacious method to keep fit and develop flexibility. We had a chat with one of Egypt’s best TRX experts, and he talked to us about myths and gave us some advice to facilitate weight loss.

Tell us what you do and how you got started. 

I am a Group Fitness Director at Titans Gym, Group Fitness Manager at Leo Gym, TRX and Functional Training Head Coach at Cyclopedia, Master Trainer at WSF, and a TRX Potential Master Trainer. I was a body builder for more than seven years. I participated in 25 competitions and won first place, but it was not my dream to just be a machine with my target being nothing but gaining muscles without enough knowledge in the field. This realization was the start for me to try something different. Trying out the TRX equipment and becoming among the best of the best TRX instructors in Egypt, and very soon in the Middle East, is what keeps me going.

What do you love the most about your career?

Teaching clients and athletes how to move better, and not just get fitter with simple equipment. I love teaching them a broad range of knowledge about fitness and giving them the needed experience to employ their bodies as their machine.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Do you nurse it or ignore it?

The song Fireball.  I mostly ignore it.

Name one false trend you’re tired of correcting.

Working on just one target like muscle gain, and skipping the muscle flexibility part. I try every minute of every day to teach my students how to train smarter, not harder, to get their desired results in a short duration through the full package program. They need to work on all the fitness elements: strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and speed.

What is your favourite:

Sports/Athletic Show… Ninja Warriors America.

Gym Accessory… Slam ball.

What is one piece of gym

equipment you always use?


Do you prefer:

Water or energy drinks?


Gym equipment or home aerobics?


Protein shakes or steroids?

Protein shakes.

What is one thing you would never eat?


What’s your golden advice for rapid weight loss?

Nutrition is the most important aspect.