What to do in El Gouna this summer

Ramadan is over, and it is the perfect time to hit the charming beaches

 get a new tan, worry about assignments no more, and make the best of your summer. El Gouna, with all of its amazing sights and beaches, has never failed us as the right place to spend an unforgettable and unique vacation. A modern resort town overlooks the Red Sea and it is well known for its lagoons, coral reefs, and sandy beaches. Here’s what you won’t want to miss doing this summer in El Gouna. 

Attend Music Festivals

Summer is never complete without dancing to the rhythm of your favourite music. Plenty of music festivals like Sandbox are planned on a regular basis that feature many great local artists; on the other hand, individual concerts by the biggest names are easy to be found and enjoyed in the city.


Feel the wind blowing overhead and enjoy a thrilling experience. Never bother if you don’t know how to do it because you can easily head to Mangroovy beach, enroll in courses and learn how to practice one of the most entertaining and popular sports in El Gouna.

Go on a Sea Cruise

Whether you prefer to sail your own boat with your lover and contemplate the sunset; or rent a big yacht with your friends, where you can turn up the music and go fishing, you have to relish a cruise to the Red Sea!

Swim in the Fathoms of the Sea

Never miss snorkeling, or going diving in the dazzling depths of the Red Sea, where you can watch the amazing coral reefs, find the real Nemo, and swim with dolphins. If you are too afraid to do so, you can head to Glass Bottom Boat Trips.

Play Golf

El Gouna has one of the best golf playgrounds in Egypt. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are going to have your dose of fun and find the courses that suit you. Moreover, you can enjoy an irresistible view of the Red Sea while playing.

Pay a Visit to the Spa

Escape from all the stress you have been through the year, and enjoy a set of the most luxurious spa treatments in Egypt. Treat yourself to rejuvenating services, recover your strength, and relax to make the best out of your vacation.

Go on a Trip to the Desert Breath

Take a camel to the desert and walk to the desert breath. It is a few kilos away from El Gouna, but it is worth passing the distance. Certainly, you will get a better view from the sky, but you can still enjoy walking through an infinity of sparkly eyes in the desert.

Go shopping in Kafr Downtown

Go on an authentic trip, get introduced to a new culture, and buy souvenirs to your friends by visiting the ethnic Kafr downtown. Eat in a selection of the most delicious cuisines in town, and go on a memorable walk with great architectural decorations surrounding you.

Watch a Film at the Outdoor Cinema

For movie lovers, here is the fun part! Your favourite movies will be a whole different experience at El Gouna’s outdoor cinema. You can bring your most-liked popcorn and snacks. Entry is free for everyone, and you get to spend a nice time in a warm atmosphere.

Check out the Fire Show at El Sayadin

While you are enjoying your excellent seafood meal at El Sayadin, you can have a look at the restaurant’s amazing fire show. El Sayadin is where you can satisfy your cravings with a delicious meal, and your eye with an awesome view.