Water sports to do in Sinai

holiday other than aimlessly swimming in the ocean or loitering in a hotel swimming pool.

Water sports are becoming a more ubiquitous form of summer activities in Egypt by the year, and it is one trend that can never go mainstream. Here’s what you can try out on your holiday to Sinai to make the best of your exploration of the Red Sea.  

Dolphin habitat exploration

To some, it’s an eight-hour-long underwater activity with friendly aquatic animals as your companions, to others it’s simply heaven.  Participants meet with an experienced captain and crew who explain the course of the trip to them and provide them with the needed snorkel equipment. You get to explore marine life, which includes corals, tropical fish and dolphins! Most guides will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the boat and back to your hotel.

Full-day Snorkeling

If you’re less into swimming alongside wild aquatic mammals (for some reason), and more interested in seeing coral life and rare Red Sea fish, then full-day snorkeling might be your thing. The activity is eight hours long on average, and involves a comprehensive exploration of beautiful, safe underwater sites with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Some services also couple other activities with your package with camel rides along the beach.

Scuba diving

Though some might be fearful of diving in the Red Sea, professional divers who have been doing this for years know exactly the safest sites to take you to. Most programs provide trips for both experienced as well as novice scuba divers, so you won’t have to worry about redundant instructions if you’ve done this before in other destinations. Many services also offer underwater photography for souvenir photos! This is averagely a six-hour activity.


For anyone scared of heights, it’s not as scary when you’re surrounded by a body of water! It may look like an activity for the adventurous, but it can be practiced by elders and young teens alike. Most describe it as a relaxing experience, with a breathtaking view of the city and the Red Sea from above. Representatives of the service usually offer two-way trips from and back to your hotel. No training is required; a certified professional will only tell you a few instructions beforehand.


For the daredevils with a need for speed, there’s no safer way to satiate that other than on the red sea with a professional instructor to guide you through it. Duration of the activity on average ranges from five to seven hours depending on the service provider and is usually after you have been escorted to a specialised water park. Currently, cable waterboarding is the most popular form, as getting the hang of it requires less training. This is another activity which usually provides photography as part of the service, or additionally for a fee.

Speedboat Tours

If you prefer marine life from afar, then speedboat tours are for you. The tours give you a closer view of the beauty of the Red Sea without stepping foot inside the water if you don’t wish it, though some services also include snorkeling when you reach selected sites. In the trip, you can spot dolphins, and visit the sea’s most beautiful islands. Most tours start at Hurghada and arrive at Marina. Participants can choose activities from swimming and snorkeling, to land exploration of the islands visited. The trip ranges from six to eight hours on average.