Love yourself how to be self sufficient

If there’s one thing we should all learn and strive to achieve, it would be self-love.

Considering every action we take comes from our true selves, if we don’t believe in our abilities enough to actually feel dependable, we’ll never succeed in pursuing happiness. Self-love goes far beyond our own joy, too. If we fail to love ourselves, then how would we be able to love anyone else? Self-sufficiency is not a difficult task, you’ll just need to do the following..

Embrace your mistakes

Making mistakes in part of being human. It’s true that there are those who make much less mistakes than others simply because of the fact that they spend much of their time analysing every situation and reassessing many of their stances in life; however, it’s also important to remember that it’s okay to screw up from time to time, and to own up to whatever consequences we have to face as long as we do our best to fix the situation, and do our best not to have it recur a second time. This is your chance to learn and to develop, so don’t waste your time dwelling over the emotional impact it has on you or your ego.

Nourish yourself with love

If we ask anyone whether they favour those who put themselves or others first, they’d surely pick the latter. There’s also no doubt that those who more willingly make such sacrifices make this world a better place, but this should never get in the way of seeking what is best for you. If you ever value someone so much that you put their needs before yours, to the point that it’s damaging you and your mental wellbeing, that’s where you’ve crossed the line. To love yourself is to do what best serves you without hurting others. Being sacrificial is a great quality that you should only grant to specific people, but even then, it should never become the norm. Otherwise, what was first considered an act of selflessness, will be overlooked as usual duties you’ve assigned yourself.

Free yourself from materialism

It’s true that materialism can be the gateway to divert our attention from self-harm; however, in the world we live in, materialistic needs (or wants in this case) can only be achievable through compromising our health, time, and even relationships with others. Thus materialism has become more of a plague simply because of how easy it is for us to lose ourselves to it. Don’t overwork yourself in an attempt to reach apparent “success” accessories, which are only overpriced goods you don’t need.

Put your needs above your wants

This is also closely related to freeing yourself from materialism. There are many things that we actually need in our lives, and most of them are related to certain emotions or values. As for the things we want, they’re mostly things that we can continue living without and would still be able to find happiness. When comparing both your previously mentioned needs and wants, you’ll also find that you’re required to make huge sacrifices to achieve your wants; in contrast with needs, which usually require you to be merely be an empathetic human being.

Accept your flaws

When we say no one’s perfect, we also want to make sure you understand that no one is close to perfection either. Everyone has plenty of flaws, be those visible or not. And the only approach towards this lies in a few simple steps. The first step is accepting your defects rather than denying them. The second step is to try to change any of these flaws only if they are changeable. Personality can be improved, but obsession with altering your appearance by going under the knife can become problematic with time.

Seek the best version of yourself

If there’s truly one person we can be sure we’ll be spending the rest of our lives with, then that would be ourselves. You should be less focused on others and more on yourself, and that doesn’t only count when it comes to flaws, but self-appreciation as well. If you’re having a hard time loving yourself, that’s a clear sign that your intuition is guiding you towards self-improvement. See what you hate about yourself the most, and work on either making up for them with other, better aspects, or healing any crystallised emotions by sitting with yourself, and seeking closure.