What we miss out in the age of technology

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live without technology? Or how your grandparents used to get a bang out of their free time and get things done? 

Imagine a world where letters are the only way to reach your loved ones, and when you have all the time you spend on Facebook to branch out. Those were the glorious days when you could perfectly live in the moment and enjoy the best of every detail around you. Let’s take a peek on a free-technology world and see what we miss out now in the digital age.

Spending More Family Time

Nowadays, gathering for a meal is the only opportunity for us to get the family up together and enjoy some quality time. Nevertheless, this time is commonly interrupted by sudden calls, browsing Instagram or texting. In the past, people used to have, after dinner, a special time for family reunion to blissfully end a very long day. Picture a vintage family listening to the radio, chatting and chuckling to tears; they shared glorious moments and unforgettable memories and genuinely appreciated the real essence of family –something our cell phones get in the way of doing today. Try to put your phone down for a few hours, and see where your conversation with your family takes you.

Printed Books

New generations now prefer electronic books and can never understand the thrill of holding a print in your hands and smelling the aroma of old papers; however, a real bookworm would never jump on the bandwagon. Online versions may be found easier and cheaper, but they will deprive you from feeling that matchless pleasure that you can only feel through paper. That being said, it’s been countlessly advised by opticians to resort to printed material because they’re easier on the eyes. You’re not just missing out on some vintage experience, you’re missing out on better health.

Playing Outdoors

Back when our parents were kids, they used to play football, hide and seek, and go treasure hunts out in the streets. The kids of today reach their utmost delight by holding a tablet all day, which suppresses all the energy they have and has been proven to be a cause of weight-gain and eye-strain. Not only does this limit their imagination and creativity as well as makes them loners, it also robs priceless childhood memories they could have created.

Receiving Eloquent Letters

Rather than receiving an email or WhatsApp message, people used to receive perfectly polished hand-written letters in beautiful cursive. They used to undergo the splendid excitement of opening an envelope, smelling the scented paper, and recognizing a particular handwriting. Every letter was like a specially-made message and occasionally it was an exquisite tender gesture of pure love. Perhaps the closest thing we have to this is kids passing notes to each other in class, but they’ve even replaced that with texting under the desk. They don’t even rebel the same way we did!

Throwing a Movie Night

In an era where technology makes everything easily reachable where you can download a movie and bring your favourite popcorn, we miss out on the good old days when the only way you could watch contemporary films was through going to the cinema with your friends and family. People liked to gather more, to share more, and above all they enjoyed the culture of renting movies and inviting close friends to throw the best movie night ever. In other words, to arrange a movie night today is once-a-year event.

Being Liberated from FOMO

The Fear of Missing Out is haunting all of us nowadays. The media has introduced us to new alluring places, experiences, and adventures along with the feeling of being left out. Although feeling unhappy could be the main reason behind FOMO, technology is adding more fuel to the fire since it makes it easier find out everything you don’t have the opportunity to do. Not only will you be forced to know about the things you desperately want to do, but you’ll also get to see how other people are taking exceptional pleasure in them when you aren’t.