get a slimmer face

Instead of meticulously picking out just one self-portrait out of a hundred to flaunt to your social media audience

 it’s always a better option to look photogenic from multiple angles rather than just a couple. In most cases, a “bad” photograph is one where your facial structure looks blurred and undefined, but instead of resorting to filters, you can always sharpen your jawline and contour your cheek curves naturally. Here’s how to noticeably reduce puffiness in a matter of days.

Cut down on the sodium

If you’re in good shape, yet suffer a severe case of chipmunk cheeks, it might not be excess fat. While it’s possible your maxilla needs professional orthodontic attention, it’s most likely a much simpler case of excessive sodium intake. Try to cut down on consuming foods high in salts including fast food and crisps. Don’t eliminate salt entirely from your diet, but make sure it’s less than 5g per day. This will also help reduce your blood pressure and any risk of coronary heart attack.

Boost your water intake

Even if you watch your sodium consumption, it’ll all go to waste if you don’t balance that with the recommended minimum of two litres of liquid a day. When your water intake goes down, sodium accumulates and causes water retention, which is especially facially visible. Consuming enough water will also help slow down aging and plump any sagging skin, giving your upper cheeks a fuller look that accentuates your ogee curve and makes your face look more defined and youthful.

Try the frozen popsicle method

When water retention has stuck around with you for too long, it may be more stubborn to eliminate it entirely. The most efficient way to hasten your results is using a frozen popsicle to iron away any adamant puffiness that get in the way of a natural smile without having unflattering baggy eyes pressing against the apples of your cheeks. Store in some popsicles in your freezer overnight and grab two of those first thing in the morning, rolling one against each cheek vertically for several minutes before your regular skin care routine.

Massage your cheeks

Although there isn’t any scientific evidence that backs this view up, it is believed that consistent facial massage can break down fat tissue if done vigorously enough; however, this should take much longer than just a week to see any consequential results, but is still a great complement to your routine. Lather a generous amount of your favourite oil or facial moisturiser on your face before you begin, and with medium to high pressure, massage your mid-face with your knuckles down until your jawline and up until below your cheekbone in vertical motion. Do this daily for 10-20 minutes for best results.

Adjust your sleeping posture

If you’re used to sleeping on an unusually flat pillow, this might be your problem. Make sure your head is well supported with enough height to avoid any water retention from building overnight. It is also advisable to sleep on your back, as sleeping with one side of your face pressed against your pillow can cause asymmetry in the plumpness of your cheeks, making you more “photogenic” on one side of your face than the other.

Do more cardio

We hate to break it to you, but it might be feasible to have an overweight face because you’re overall overweight. If this is your case, your face is one of the first places that will noticeably appear slimmer when you stick to a cardio workout for a few weeks. Your double chin will melt away, and your cheekbones will appear more prominent. If you’re comfortable with your weight as it is but seek to target just your face, you can try exercising your jaw.

Exercise your jaw

It’s not unusual to spot a model strenuously chewing gum as if her life depended on it. Your jaw, like any other part of your face, has muscles that buff up when exercised regularly. You don’t need to overdo it, lest you injure your jaw, but chewing sugar-free gum on a daily basis for thirty minutes on each side of your cheek can help immensely with toning your facial features, giving you a natural slim look without the use of makeup.