Get glowing skin overnight

The days of over-powdering our faces to achieve an unnatural matte look have long been over.

With highlighters being beauty gurus’ favourite, glowing skin has altogether become more desirable. Little do some people know that all you need is a healthy sleeping pattern, a good diet, and of course, just the right homemade treatments. If you’re not interested in spending much on rejuvenating brand creams, here are some organic recipes we’ve tested and found effective enough to give noticeable results overnight.                                                                      

Rice and Sesame

Skin scrubs will be your best friend during this process, but over-the-counter options are either too expensive or too rough on sensitive skin, and there’s nothing milder than nature’s cure.

Soak equal amounts of sesame seeds and rice and leave it overnight. In the morning, grind your mixture until fine consistency is achieved before scrubbing affected areas and leaving the mixture on for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. Sesame seeds rejuvenate your skin while the rice grains gently scrub off any dead skin for a polished finish.

Egg Whites

While yolk brims with protein, skin best reacts to whites if you wish to achieve a tightening effect while nourishing your skin and cleansing your pores. Separate the whites from the yolk and lather the whites on your face and neck before leaving it on for 20-30 minutes. You can add lemon juice for extra cleansing, but it’s only optional. This treatment acts an astringent that also works to tighten your pores for smooth, baby-skin. If you’re only after the glow, using the whole egg will be more moisturizing but less astringing.

Fortified Whole Milk Powder

Milk is rich in lactic acid, which can clean out the gunk your pores while simultaneously softening your skin and treating sunburn. Cleopatra was rumoured to use milk baths for fair skin, but since you can’t go more than half a shade lighter using only milk, it’s more liking she was opting for its anti-aging benefits. Use powdered milk to achieve your desired consistency and leave it on your face and neck for at least 15 minutes and up to an hour for a stronger effect. Rinse with lukewarm water and skip the moisturizer –you won’t need it.

Cinnamon Powder

When mixed with warm water or milk, cinnamon powder can be a magical paste that erases fine lines, dead skin and blackheads. But we must warn you that this is not for even mildly sensitive skin! The treatment is notorious for bothersome burning sensations and temporary mild redness of your skin, but as soon as that subsides, you’re left with a whole new face! Make a paste of cakey consistency and apply it on your T-zone and the apples of your cheeks only. Rinse as soon as burning sensations become uncomfortable.

Coconut Oil

You might be thinking this one’s too obvious: applying oil on skin for a more reflective appearance, but it’s not the residue of coconut oil that makes you glow, it’s how rejuvenating it is to your skin! Rich in protein and anti-oxidants, coconut will go deep into the pores, melting any dirt, removing dead skin and working to make your dermis much suppler. If you wish for something with more anti-aging properties, almond oil is a great replacement.

Rose Water

Rose water makes a great natural toner. Spraying it on your face and neck after any of the above treatments works to lock in moisture and balance the PH of your skin. It’s only a mild astringent, so it does not replace more efficacious treatments like egg whites, but it does work to gently tone the skin, keep acne at bay, and most importantly, rid you of the unattractive scents of natural treatments. You can also add one or two drops of essential oils, like lavender, in your rose water spray bottle for an extra glow.