Merits and Flaws

Merits and Flaws of Being a Journalist

Many aspiring young students have found their passion in expressing their thoughts in writing, and now desperately long to graduate so they work their way up in the field of journalism. However, before you get starry-eyed about the perks of the job, have you ever wondered about the pitfalls you may experience? Determining your career path is one the most significant decisions you’ll ever get to make, so it shouldn’t be based on only a list of pros without getting your head around the potential cons and seeing if you’re up for the challenge! To guide you through this, here are some salient pros and cons associated with the job.

Pros of Working in the Field of Journalism:

The Unexpected is a Norm

Daily routines and having redundant work-days on repeat are a tedious expectation that comes with conventional jobs. With journalism, you wouldn’t have to worry about that, since a very regular day may be turned over at any minute by sudden events. You never know what a day will bring, and the way you cover news may change abruptly. On top of that, and unlike thousands of other jobs, surprises happen frequently, which makes excitement one of the common advantages of this field.

You Get to Meet People of all Walks of Life

A journalist investigates diverse events and occurrences from all levels of society. Thus you will have the opportunity to interview and meet people of all echelons. On the other hand, you may run into your favourite actor while running your usual errands, since carrying out interviews with celebrities is a regular task for a journalist. This perk also includes being invited to remarkable events like theatre performances and fashion weeks.

You will see Your Name Published

In such a world, there are many gifted people with unique talents, and when it comes to journalists, writing is their natural glamorous flair. Although writers have to first undergo deep fears of receiving low ratings or compromising reactions from their audience, they must still aspire to bring the best of their skills out to the public and be ready for scrutiny. Hence, only through journalism can they fulfil their longest-pursued dream of sharing thoughts with the entire world by publishing their views with their names attached.

Your Sense of Curiosity will awaken

To beef up your writing skills as a journalist, you should be authentically bookish, along with being keen on following up with the most recent events in all domains. And as such inquisitive cats can be rest assured of feeding their burning curiosity by searching for different topics and delving into the details of various events. On top of that, you can follow mysterious and bewildering stories to appeal to the public, if you want some extra credit. You also get to enjoy the merit of knowing a little about a lot.

Cons of Working in the Field of Journalism:

You are Probably Working for Peanuts

Until you rise through the ranks to the most prominent positions, the salary will leave a lot to be desired. Surely, there is not enough income for doing the work you have been consistently passionate about, but still you need money to have a whale of a good time before coping with tasks again. So don’t expect long sleepless nights and countless efforts to be compensated with a rewarding salary. Despite that freelancing isn’t a reliable source of income, it could still help.

Working for Long Hours isn’t a Choice

Those perfectly edited articles with valuable contents we read in newspapers and magazine are the bear fruit of painstaking research and tedious hours of sedulous work. You will consume extended time searching for information about the topic or tracing down people to interview, and even more hours writing the actual story and polishing the final version. Moreover, whenever serious stories break, you will undoubtedly be called in to cover the news –even in your days off.

Internet has changed Today’s Media Industry

The rise of online-based journalism was followed by subsequent changes in all fields, and media is no exception. People have gradually started to dump newspapers and turn to online articles, and since then, the number of agencies who cater to this change of interest is on increase. Similar to a double-edged weapon, this substantial job market change has been followed by acquiring unlimited access to the masses as well as great reduction of payments. Consequently, with digital platforms taking over, journalists have no way out but honing their skills and paving the path to become a web writer, or to establish a personal blog.

You will risk life and limb

Covering life-threating events is a major part of the whole package. Starting from natural disasters, to civil wars and revolutions, you should be ready to be assigned a dangerous location to cover.  Other than that, you may receive some death threats, if you find yourself exposing people of renowned status. So, if you easily break out in a cold sweat, you might want to reconsider this field.