how to Survive


Throughout life, we come to face several heartbreaks and agony; however this is what strengthens us to stand back up on our feet again. Surviving heartbreak demands patience, love and self-believing. Thus these tips are essential to recover from any heartbreak.

Feel the pain

Experiencing heartbreak is not something to painlessly heal from; it’s okay to cry, and even scream until you lose your voice. Get angry over nonsense, listen to your favourite breakup songs, and recall unforgettable memories. At the end of the day, this is not the real you, this is the broken side of you. The only way to fix yourself is to get all the sorrow out of you. So don’t be afraid to cry yourself to sleep; learn to embrace your pain instead of hiding or ignoring it.

Don’t glorify the past

Recalling your shared sweet memories is totally normal; however, always remember that you can always make new, remarkable ones. Be careful not to be caught up in the “he was the one” drama. Do not let a blast from the past ruin your life. Of course, it will be hard to forget their smile, how you were happy together, or how they once made you feel, but remember that you were two people who once had a spark, but don’t belong together.

Talk it out

Make sure you pick a person you really trust, whether that be a friend or a family member, and make sure you talk about everything that bothers you. Do not be afraid to look fragile or weak. Just speak up whatever you feel! Having another opinion will help you appreciate your value and highlight what you hated about your relationship, and what you suffered from the most. This will help you realise that you’re not alone.

Avoid rebounds

You will fall in love and be able to trust again, but not now. It’s not fair for you or your new partner to start an unhealthy relationship. To take advantage of someone’s interest in you and fake falling in love again just to numb the pain is not a quick fix, but a delusion. It actually worsens the situation you’re in. You are just paralysing the soreness for a while, but it will haunt you back. Finding a way to be emotionally whole on your own will make you stronger.

Turn to your life plans

A fizzle relationship does not mean it’s the end of your life. Surely, you have the rest of your life to turn to. Go to the gym, focus on your work, start a new project if you can, hang out with some friends, and try to have fun. Anything to get yourself busy! This will help you forget about the pain and appreciate what you still have in your life. Do not make your whole life about one person, or in your case, one tragedy.

Don’t reach out to your ex

Taking care of all the above steps means you’re ready to enter a new, optimistic phase of your life. Don’t let all of this effort go to waste by attempting to contact your ex-partner again or lurking on their social media pages. This will make you start from scratch and push you to dwell over pain that needs to be forgotten. Understand that it’s time to move on from what hurts you.

Seek hope

Enough being so negative and mopey, it is time to think positive. Search for hope in everything around you; in your family who had your back, in your friends who were always there for you, in your work and in your passions in life. Think of every blessing you have, enjoy it, and be grateful for having it.