Friendship Goals

What Best Friends Should Carry off

Harriet Beecher Stowe perfectly summed up intimate friendships when he said “friendships are discovered rather than made”. It’s better thought of as an adventure, where you encounter ups and downs and only find a few who stick by your side. It’s a tough quest to find a real friendship; one that lasts forever, brightens up your world when you are at your worst, and blesses you with pleasant unforgettable memories. However, if you are lucky enough to have already found a loyal best friend, you’ll relate with these goals that any best friends would commonly share on their memorable journey together.

You go everywhere together

Whether you’re shopping, hanging out at a café, or heading to a party, you will always find yourselves together. People will start concluding you’re present somewhere upon seeing your other half, even if they cannot physically see you.

Teasing each other becomes a habit

Mocking each other becomes so common that it’s weird when you’re actually nice to each other. Surely, you make sure you’re well-behaved around other people, but it’s a non-stop name-calling contest when you’re alone. You may have hilarious nicknames, too.

Your opinion always matters

Whenever you are about to make a big decision, you ask your best friends about their opinion. But more importantly, you have every day phone meetings over what to wear and gossip, which is mostly a much more complicated decision than it sounds.

You match outfits

Besides the fact that you exchange clothes all the time to the point that you may get confused what is yours and what is theirs, you have at least one similar outfit. If you go shopping and you both like the same clothes, it’s a matching party!

You understand each other

Understanding your best friend, what they need, what they like, and how they feel without forcing them to talk it out is the best quality of friendship. Having someone who cares for you and catches up with you quickly is a blessing from that not everyone has.

You give each other “the look”

One thing that distinguishes any pair of best friends is how the give each other “the look” whenever they think of the same thing simultaneously, Sometimes you bursting out in cackles immediately follows this look. You understand each other through your eyes; you don’t even have to say a word.

You have each other’s backs

The main purpose of friendship is to find someone who eases things when you’re at your worst. To find someone to talk to and perhaps cry to if needed. Sometimes, your best friend may have no solution to your problem, but they will listen to your bullshit all day long and try to draw a smile on your face. On the other hand, in your happiest moments, you will be happy for each other, and make the best of these moments.

Sleep overs are frequent

Staying up all night, ordering pizza, watching horror movies, and gossiping all night long are included. Every sleep over is an unforgettable night full of many heartwarming memories alongside trying new things and getting yourself in trouble differently every time.

You have future plans together

You’re both mutually aware that your friendship is not an ephemeral relationship to pass the time. You have future plans with one another and intend to make your relationship as long-term as possible.

You share selfies and memories

Making memories with people you love should be the main goal of any friendship. To get the chance to sit with your grand children around you, and tell them all about your past, look at the pictures you took together and remember these valuable moments will arouse the most heartwarming feelings. So take as many pictures as you can to record as many memories as possible.

You get jealous

It’s normal to experience jealously towards a platonic relationship. If you find them getting close to anyone else or see them hanging out with other people, you have the total right to begrudge a little. There’s no need to feel bad about it though because it only shows how much you care about them.

You’re unbiological siblings

If you can relate with all of the above, it means that you and your best friend are siblings who share everything but bloodline. What you have is precious; never take it for granted and always let your partner-in-crime know how much you mean to them.