Career Crisis:

A Guide

In the midst of our teen angst adventures and hormonal battles, we’re unreasonably pushed to make monumentally life-changing decisions including what career path we have to take and possibly stick to for the rest of our lives. At that age, some people endure fluctuating interests that change in a matter of months, but this isn’t about them, this is about a much more serious dilemma: having no interest in anything whatsoever and not knowing where you could possibly find yourself. If that’s your case, you might want to try the following.

Take a Break

There’s this misconception that adult life is much more stressful than teen years, but with all the pressure, unrealistic expectations and hormonal imbalances, your brain is constantly overworked. A fatigued mind will not be able to make sound decisions no matter how far you push it, so before you frantically start going through your options and flouting each and every one of them, make sure you have had your break. Travel, party and get that adrenaline flowing!

It’s about you, not your parents

Your parents want the best for you, but most of the time only you know what that is. They might want to push you to pursue a medical or engineering career for the wealth and prestige, but if that’s not what you truly want, you need to understand that you can achieve ground-breaking success with whatever degree you choose. You going to a music school would probably be a traditional Egyptian parent’s worst nightmare, but remember that you can only succeed if you give something your all, and doing that is easy when coupled with passion.

It doesn’t have to be permanent

Many people choose to shift careers later in life and do just fine. The pressure at this phase in your life comes from the misconception that whatever you choose will forever bind you to it, but that’s farthest from the truth. Nothing has to be permanent if you don’t want it to be, so just think of this as your first journey in the adult world; your first attempt. Many people choose to change their career paths entirely without even having to go back to college, so it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Think outside the box

One of the reasons you might be disinterested in everything you come across is because you’re not exploring all the options – only the ones traditionally shown to you. Who says you must go to college anyway? You can seek academies to study less-talked-about fields like film direction and acting. If you don’t plan to live in Egypt forever, you could also try online degrees from American universities, some of which cost a lot less than Egyptian universities and are more accredited worldwide.

You might want to travel

Studying abroad is always an option and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. If your family is willing to invest thousands in a top-notch university in Egypt, then you can definitely use the same budget to study in Europe. European universities are nearly free and only require you to either get a part time job to support yourself or have your family send you around 10,000 euros per annum.

Read up on success stories

There are plenty of from-rags-to-riches goodies that could inspire you to pursue a specific career path starting with what you have. No one is ever too old or too poor to pursue their dream no matter what it is, and if it sounds too good to be true, a little research might change your mind. All you need is the will and patience to do it, and if you work hard enough, the sky will be your limit.