how to create the perfect environment for studying

By: Mayar El-Shamy

There’s always an excuse not to study. You’re either uncomfortable, the lighting isn’t bright  enough or you realise you’re hungry and need a snack. Creating the ideal environment to study means eliminating all sources of procrastination, so here’s what you can do.

Pick one spot and stick to it

Be that your room, your balcony or the garden, it doesn’t matter as long as the location doesn’t change. When your brain adapts to the same surroundings, it’s easier for you to absorb whatever information you read while you’re in the same spot. That being said, one other

reason to choose one place is because we advise you give it a seriously convenient

makeover –more on that below.

Prep the lighting

The easiest lighting on the eyes, despite appearing less aesthetically pleasing, would be bright fluorescent lamps. If you’re not prepared to change the lighting of your entire room from

incandescent to fluorescent, make sure you install one for studying. Desk lamps are cheaper, but

lampstands are stronger and more comfortable to read to. Either ones could be found at Ikea for reasonable prices.

Add decoration

Plants, encouraging posters, toys –go crazy. If you cannot study in a garden, then we recommend surrounding

yourself with some faux plants (real plants would be

suffocating at night time).

If your room is a mess, you might want to use those last few vacation days to give your room a fresh paint job, buy new bed sheets or fetch some tapestries. If you don’t even like the way your room looks, don’t expect yourself to want to sit down for hours in it reading text books.

Fresh air is a must

Other than keeping the window open when you can, you can use an air purifier to get rid of any contaminations in your room that block your brain from concentrating for too long. This is why it’s more comfortable to study in the outdoors than somewhere quiet; the fresh air makes your body physically and mentally complacent. With the faux plants, air purifier and good lighting, you can achieve the mental comfort of the outdoors with the convenience of the indoors.

Keep snacks nearby

You might think you’re just trying to procrastinate, but the hunger you feel after just minutes of reading is because you exert so much energy through mental exhaustion. While crisps and soda might keep you full, you’d be better off with a bowl of nuts and some lemon water. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can, but don’t drink any more than a litre of liquid per hour, else you’ll be on the brink of water


Buy cool stationary

It sounds like an awfully weird necessity, but it does immensely help when you’re surrounded by

everything cute. Your desire to use the tools you bought will motivate you to actually sit down and be productive. Other than cute notebooks and pens, highlighters and binders will be your best friends in college. Make sure you designate a notebook for each course, otherwise the disorganised scribbles will not be inviting enough for you to read.