do you need shift career

Not everyone gets the luxury of doing what they love for a living, but even then, there are certain signs you need to keep an eye on.

Work shouldn’t affect your mental health in the slightest, and the worst it should make you feel is a little bored at the end of the day. If you’re associating more than half of these signs with work, then we advise you to consider a career change for the sake of your sanity and mental wellbeing.

saturday night is always depressing

It’s okay not to be excited for work tomorrow, but for that very fact to send you into an uncontrollable whirlwind of hissy fits every single week is worrisome. Never missing work or any of your

colleagues is another similar sign.

You see no future for yourself in your current path

No one wants to be a temp forever. If your current job offers you no chance of promotion or any sort of

self-improvement whatsoever, and you’re only doing it for the cash, then this is definitely a sign you need to think twice about sticking to your current job.

You’re losing passion

So it once used to be your dream job, but now that you’ve been in the field for years, it suddenly doesn’t seem

interesting anymore? This may either mean you need to place your passion in something else and keep your job, or you’re in the right career path but work for bad employers. In most cases, it’s most likely the latter.

Anyone could do your job

If you feel like literally anyone could be a replacement for you no matter their experience, then it’s understandable to feel insecure about it. When your employers appreciate your talents, you won’t get a nagging feeling that you could lose your job over the

dumbest mistake. Security is the least you could ask for in a job.

You’re trapped in a box

Do you feel as if your professional growth is being stunted? If you’re

dissatisfied and unfulfilled with your opportunities for growth, you do yourself a disservice by sticking with your job. The ability to challenge yourself and expand your skills is a necessity if you want to offer value to future employers and advance your career.

Your bosses mistreat you too often

It isn’t always the job and it’s almost always the employers. It’s not uncommon to have strict bosses, but it’s

another case to have monsters for supervisors. You should never sell your dignity at any cost, so if you’re

constantly being yelled at and

reprimanded for petty stuff, it’s time to leave.

The clock never seems to move

Most of us have the occasional day that seems to stretch out in never ending agony, but did you know that constant boredom may be partially to blame for your imminent death? If you find it

challenging to motivate yourself to complete your tedious tasks, you may need to accept that you could end up with a shorter, less fulfilling life.

Your paycheck isn’t cutting it

It isn’t all about salary, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a decent

paycheck to live off of. Doing something you love shouldn’t cost you comfortable living, so if you cannot ask for a raise or have the ability to make more than

minimum wage, perhaps it would be wise to consider another path.

You’re embarrassed by what you do

Society forces us to push ourselves into this small circle of “prestigious” positions, and we shouldn’t abide by it blindly, but if you truly feel ashamed to be working a certain job, consider that such

embarrassment may arise from within rather than your fear of what others think. Find passion in something you could make a living doing, and pursue it.

You’re lost

A mere job can make us feel either empowered or desolately lost. You may feel like you don’t even know what you’re doing with your life anymore, but cannot find the source of that feeling, and we’re telling you it’s most likely what you do for a living. You don’t have to pin down a dream job, but there’s always something you can see yourself doing for profit long-term, and that’s exactly what you need.