11 things to do before school

The new school year is so close to come, yet we still haven’t had enough of summer.

Most of the time, the long summer hypothesis fools us, and leads us to postpone plans. Approaching the end of the summer, we realise that we have wasted a lot of time, while still not having done what we wanted. To make up for the rest of the summer, here are some suggestions you could cram the few remaining weeks.

Work out

Summer is the best opportunity to get in shape, and start forming your dream body. Studying and assignments get us too occupied to care for our health and body. Even worse, we turn to junk food to save time. To take maximum advantage of your time off, you should put your healthy body under construction. This will be reflected on you when you’re more confident and energetic to start a new phase in your life. On the other hand, working out doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym; you can run every morning, go cycling with your friends, or even train at home by turning to YouTube tutorials.

Binge watch movies

There are definitely plenty of great movies you haven’t seen yet. Create a list of your preferred genre, and watch them before the summer ends with some friends. Outstanding movies can teach us beneficial lessons in real life, so be picky about the movies you choose!

Finish a book

Most of us become so involved in summer activities, that we do not finish the books we started reading. At the end of the summer, we go out and travel less; moreover, we begin to have extra free time up our sleeves, which is the best time to complete the book you were reading. It always helps to exceed your goal as well.

Go on a road trip

The best affordable way to have fun is to go out on a road trip. Driving the car on a highway, turning up the sound of your favourite songs, eating delicious snacks and playing  games are all included in a road trip. It will give you unforgettable memories.

 Spend a day-use

By the end of the summer, it becomes really hard to take a long vacation and travel anywhere. So one efficient way to help you have fun, and explore new places without going AWOL for a long time is a day-use.  Whether you spend it in or out of town, it will help better your mood and enjoy the numbered days of the summer.

Go shopping

Clean out your closet, get rid of junk, and buy new alternatives. From clothes and shoes, to notebooks and pens. You should buy what you need to be prepared for your new school year.

Bond with your family

We rarely ever spend proper time with our families. We would rather spend time with friends whenever we have free, or to be isolated in our rooms. However, it is not too late to know the precious value of your family. Give your family some quality time because you know they deserve it!

Gather with some old friends

Whether you’re at college or school, there are always some friends that you have not seen for a while. This is your chance to meet up with them and recall some special memories before becoming so involved in studying again.

Operate at your best in an internship

Working on your future career will demand applying for several internships. It might be hard to get one by the end of summer, but you can give it a shot. For those who are already in an internship, you should perform at your highest levels to prove your worthiness of this position. This will make the employer consider you whenever there is a vacate job opportunity. Moreover, it will increase your experience and make you more responsible.

Set goals for the upcoming school year

Whenever you are about to start your new school year, you have to set some goals to achieve. Make a list of what you want to accomplish by the end of the year. The list will motivate you to work hard and to have the stamina to get it done. In addition, it will help you organise your year and manage your time in order to check all targets within this list.

Read your syllabus

This probably isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but it can help prepare you to the new semester and impress your professors. It doesn’t have to be in-depth, but merely knowing what courses you’re taking in a few weeks should be enough to help make you mentally and psychologically prepared.