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What’s the best thing about preparing food in Ramadan?

With long hours of fasting and a wide range of choice, eating healthy in an elaborate, appetizing Iftar. The best thing to do is to prepare and eat foods made from fresh ingredients, cooked in a healthy way for a nutritious Ramadan meal. This will keep you nurturing by setting a good example for your family and friends. Most of all, I strive to pass my own joy and happiness on to others through my signature dishes and through the experiences that I create for my guests.

What’s the worst?

I think the biggest obstacle is for my cooks who fast and do not try the food before it is served to the guests and that all food must be served on time.

Your top tip for a great Iftar…

When cooking becomes an art, eating becomes a pleasure.

The greatest Ramadan food adaptation/creation…

Chicken Fatta with yoghurt with the chef secret.

What do you eat at Sohour?

Lahm bel Agiin and Rayeb yogurt.

Recommended Ramadan Recipe…

Chicken Fatta with Yogurt


2kg Chicken filet

2 Ltrs Yoghurt

200g Chick peas

10g Sumac

10g Salt

3g White pepper

70g Pine nuts

10 Pcs Pita bread

50g Garlic

100g Butter

3 Egg whites

60g Corn flour

100g Bouquet Garnier


Boil the chicken with the bouquet garnier. Soak the chick peas in cold water for 10 hours then boil for 40 mins. Roast the pita bread with the garlic spread on top. For the sauce: boil the yoghurt, add the garlic, egg whites, corn flour and salt. Then sautee the chicken along with the chick peas, pita bread in the butter and add pine nuts and sumac for garnish.