Ashraf Sayed

Executive Sous Chef Semiramis InterContinental Cairo

What’s the best thing about preparing food in Ramadan?

Definitely the spirit of Ramadan, which is infused in everything we prepare and serve during this holy month.

What’s the worst?

I would have to say that if the team is not strong when it comes to time management and speed, those two become the main issue, especially during Iftar time.

Top tip for a great Iftar…

Keep it simple and delicious.

The greatest Ramadan food adaptation/creation…

Personally, I’m a fan of fatta with yogurt, because it’s tasty, easy to prepare and light after a long day of fasting.

What do you eat for Sohour?

I stick to the more traditional Sohour items such as foul, yogurt, boiled eggs and lots of water of course.

Recommended Ramadan recipe.

Chicken Sharkaseya


For the Chicken:

1 whole chicken





1 green pepper


For the Sharkaseya Sauce:

200 g walnuts

300 g white toast (without the edges)

100 g butter

200 g cooking cream

500 g milk

The Method:

Boil chicken

Add to the pot: celery, onions, black pepper, salt and cardamom.

When done, divide the chicken into parts.

Soak walnuts in milk along with the toast and butter

Cook on low heat until sauce thickens

Add salt and pepper to the taste

Pour sauce over chicken; serve with a side of white rice and walnuts for garnish