Dr. Shady Ali Hussein

Shiny White Dental Clinic:
The Consummates of Aesthetic Dentistry

Shiny White’s unprecedented success has certainly rendered itself the talk of the town. If you haven’t already had your teeth cosmetically corrected by Dr. Shady, then you’ve surely come across his remarkable work. From complicated prosthodontic surgeries, to flawless veneers; the Shiny White team does it all. We’ve spoken to the specialist team ourselves, and they opened up to us about their journey, debunked some dental myths, and gave us some juicy tips and tricks.

What can you tell us about yourself and your journey in the business?

We began our journey around 8 years ago, back when we had two practices. We faced the usual problems of being told we wouldn’t be able to measure up to the dental standard in Egypt because of how the economy was and continues to be. Nevertheless, we worked as professionals on ourselves to extend our medical knowledge and keep ourselves up-to-date with dental technology and machines. So it was around five professionals and two machines! It was not enough of course, so we gradually tried to expand our staff as well as upgraded technicalities and machines. We continue to work on ourselves till this very day to measure up to the expected quality treatments.

What are the latest techniques and devices does your clinic use at the time being?

That question would take me days to answer! But I’ll give you the highlights; Shiny White is based on three main technologies: The first being excellent diagnosis using top-notch 3D dental X-rays; secondly, we make sure the treatment is as accurate as possibly with the aid of magnification; Lastly, we do our best to restore the patient’s smile to how it once was or how they requested it. The being the most complicated, especially if it involves periodontology and implants (gum correction).

What are the main obstacles that face you?

Many, actually. It’s always an obstacle for your customers to understand your technology and how it works and why it could be expensive, while another obstacle is how crucial it is to stay up-to-date with the international dental scene, so we must travel a lot and consistently carry out researches as well as take courses abroad! It is also difficult to get your hands on the proper raw materials needed for dental surgery and cosmetic treatments.

How do you gain your customers’ trust?

By using two tricks: The concept of “seeing is believing”, so we try to show people some live cases on television and show them that there are others who have similar cases to them and how they could be overcome; the other trick is to show people their results digitally before you start working on them, so they can look forward to the results and subside their fears in anticipation. This digital design is exactly how it turns out eventually because it’s based on meticulous calculations by specialized programs, and it’s not just a Photoshop drawing of how we want their teeth to turn out.

What separates your clinic from the competition?

We are hands-down the most expensive practice in Egypt, but we’re also the most accredited, safest, most hygienic, and provide the most durable results with the best technology.

What are the most challenging cases that you have to deal with?

The ones that need more than one specialist to deal with. Some dentists consider themselves an all-in-one sort of specialist, but that’s an unprofessional mistake we refuse to make. On the other hand, some people need to have spaced and protruded teeth, so we need to align their teeth backwards! We then need he prosthodontist to interfere and make crowns for such teeth and it’s a very complicated process altogether.

What are some dental myths that need to be debunked?

Teeth restoration by laser is a scam. Laser technology can so far only treat the gums, but never the teeth. We have around four laser devices that are solely used for soft tissue. Another dental myth could be that some dentists claim the hardest part of dental implants is inserting the implant itself, but this is not the case. The most challenging part is to choose the right size and shape, which is what customers care about the most.

Any advice for our readers?

People need to know that dentistry is not as painful as it used to be, it’s nothing to be scared of.  Most importantly, you should not evaluate dentists by their price wars and fall for their scams. You should also always stick to your dentist’s plan and follow their advice no matter how tedious they are.