Magued Makram

Founder of Modern Touch

The publicity virtuoso, Magued Makram, is the founder of Modern Touch –one of Egypt’s most esteemed entertainment companies. He has successfully organized over a thousand weddings and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what Magued told us about how he got where he is today.

1-Tell us about yourself and your organization/ company.

As one of the very first DJ’s in Egypt, I followed my passion for music and decided to make it my career. This is when my brother and I started an entertainment company called “Modern Touch”; that was over 30 years ago back in 1985.

Modern Touch grew along the year from just Music entertainment into being a complete integrated events-organizing corporation.

In short, I basically do what I love doing and it is rendered into entertainment. Oh, and they call me “Big Mac”.

2-     Give us a brief about your previous most famous events/projects.

I honestly cannot believe it has been thirty years already.  It’s only when I look back that I realize I have organized over 1000 weddings and 800 corporate events! It sounds completely insane.

The most renowned were: AVEX (The Aviation Expo) in the years 2008–2010. On top of our events organization role, we are sole agents for the famous Meyer Sound Lab in Egypt. We also provide artist agents/management for key artists like the band Fabrica and the magnificent singer Nesma Mahgoub.

3-How do you manage to stay on top?

I don’t want to sound Cliché, but my keys to success were solely innovation and passion. We always introduce new ideas, new means of entertainment, and new points of attraction; we were the first organizers to introduce Karaoke back in the 80’s and the 90’s.

We have recently introduced the concept of “The Atmosphere” in music and visual entertainment and we actually happen to be the only provider for this very unique entertainment solution in Egypt. As for passion, I have always yearned for success and strived to be happy through my passion for music, and that is exactly what I did.  

4-What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

I would say heritage. My long years of successful presence in the entertainment business, with proven record of joyous memories for my clients, have really paid off.

5- What’s your philosophy?

Positivity and whatever leads to personal happiness. To never lose pureness at heart, and to always wear a pleasant smile to greet your clients with. Live your life to the fullest and drive your business with same spirit. Believe me, those aren’t just words; it’s really how I live my life. Do that, and success will definitely be your partner. It worked for me.

6-What trends are emerging in the nightlife scene lately?

The youth of today seem to enjoy indulging in modern beats and colourful atmospheres. As for the older generations, they tend to reminisce the slower rhythms of music, harking back to their younger spirit. In other words, Elegance and a softer type of nightlife is now a trend as well.

7- How do you reinvent your identity?

By following peoples’ desires and simultaneously surprising them with new solutions and ideas.

8- How has nightlife in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?

Like everything else in Egypt, some patterns ceased while others drastically changed, and of course nightlife was on top of the list; however, things have gone back to normal since 2014. Stability has brought back more conventional trends, and it’s almost like people are trying to make up for the lost times and re-fill the gap of the past couple of years!

The recent drastic increase in international concerts are in direct proportion with how much the populace misses the good times they used to have when Egypt wasn’t stable.

9-In your opinion what’s Egypt’s nightlife missing today?

It’s missing places where people could dine and dance like the good old days. It’s true, this is being introduced in parties here or there, but no fixed venues offer this at all times. Music instills joy in our souls.  I would dare to say that Egyptians were remarkably civilized with the status quo in the 19th century, because arts and music were at their peak during such eras.

10-What’s new this summer?

I’m currently planning Nesma Mahgoub’s summer tour.

11-A successful party is/includes…

Creative, in terms of theme and entertainment. Smart, organization wise. And impeccable, by meticulously taking care of details.

12- What are three things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

My cigar, my music, and my gym bag (with a sandwich inside).

13-If stranded on an island, what are three items you must have?

A laptop with internet connection, shisha, and a perpetual supply of food.

14-What are three products do you love the most for this summer season?

The Harley Bike (Road King); nothing else matters.

15- Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Modern Touch is currently planning a series of events starting September- Celebrating 30 years in the Entertainment field in Egypt.

Events will mainly tackle the nostalgic musical thirst we just mentioned. And we will be bringing back the fine ‘Dine & Dance’ mood.

I would urge all your valuable readers to look forward to our planned events; they are not to be missed!