Razan El Moghrabi

The Ground-breaking Pioneer

Agree or disagree with her, there is no doubt that Razan sets her own rules. The famous actress, singer and TV presenter sets herself apart as the ground-breaking pioneer of the entertainment industry. Insight got a chance to have a chat with the blaze-trailing diva amid her busy schedule and she shared with us what simply makes her the one and only Razan El Moghrabi…

Having been the youngest Lebanese TV host, what kind of stress did that put on your shoulders, and how did you deal with it at that time?

To be honest it was a stress free life. Back at the time, I had nothing to lose; I was only 15 years old, I was still in college so for me work was an added plus. What encouraged me to do this project is that I actually believed I have what it takes to be a good TV presenter; I could walk the walk and talk the talk. I was like a little baby so anything I say was considered cool, spontaneous and funny. I still keep my spontaneity  and that’s what makes me different. I don’t follow any scripts and have no dos and don’ts. I can easily break the ice with my guests, even if I don’t know them. I have great potential of psychology so I know how to deal with the person in front of me!

How did you manage to keep yourself on top as well as reinvent yourself throughout your career?

I’m a good judge of character and can fit to different social norms. My target audience ranges form 15 to 75 year olds. I lived abroad, I’m a cosmopolitan girl, I’m a social butterfly; all of this adds to my character. To be on top, one must always care about detail, see how the market is changing and learn new. Before we didn’t have ‘OMG’ and ‘hashtags’, now we have social media or what we call the virtual lingo. I keep up with fashion yet I take good care of what I dress and where I dress it! I don’t wear anything. I’m a chameleon I change with the surrounding. When I am in Lebanon I have a different attitude because I know that what goes in Lebanon does not go in Egypt and I respect all traditions. I change depending on the market and age group I’m addressing.

Tell us more about your program ‘El Hayah Helwa’ (Life is Beautiful).

The comeback was last year with season one. We are flying high with success; we had no competition and whatever competition we had we killed it. We prepared something for everybody; we have a band, we sing, we dance; we play sports and magic in addition to the interesting interviews with our wide variety of guests. It’s a 100% guarantee that you will have a smile on your face watching us, we spread love, we spread happiness, we spread laughter and it’s full of fun situations that are not scripted and 100% made from Egypt and to Egypt.

You once said that Arabizing foreign programs kills the creativity. What did you mean by that?

We are not less than the western countries, so why don’t we help our Arab producers by producing good formats of authentic Arab programs and sell them to the west! Why don’t we think out of the box, why do we always think that we’re second-class citizens! I refuse this, it’s like we are confessing that we’re not creative enough and we only imitate blindly! We must have a message to present, we must help Radio and Television graduates from all over the Arab countries to think outside of the box.

What’s your take on prank programs?

I don’t like them, I know millions love them but I don’t like them at all. To show people scared, hitting each other and feeling like they’re dying and laugh at them is just cruel! 90% of it is not real with all respect to my friends who are doing prank programs. I think I’m the only star who wasn’t victimized by any prank shows and I have no idea how! I’m so afraid that I might be on their most wanted list and they’re going to get me anyway.

Being a TV presenter, singer, model and actress, what do you enjoy most and why?

My fame and assets come from TV presenting. My kingdom is TV presenting, it’s like my baby and I take it very seriously. I still want to do a lot; I’m still challenged to present something different. When it comes to my passion now it’s definitely acting. As for singing it’s the energy and the buzz. Nothing feels more amazing than me running barefoot on stage during a concert with hundreds and thousands of audience.  I’m just waiting for a comeback with a summary upbeat hit to connect with my music audience.

What did motherhood change in your character?

Everything! I feel like I’m only 2 years old, like my life only started when Ram was born. Motherhood gives you more responsibility, it gives you the motive to care about yourself, and it gives you an incentive to become a better person. I want to be the best so that Ram would be proud of me. When you see me with Ram in public you will wonder who is the kid? My love for him is a tsunami of feelings!

What is it like to be Razan El Moghrabi?

It’s a 24/7 rollercoaster ride! I don’t sleep, I’m always on the buzz finding happiness, finding the meaning of life, not caring, not expecting and only focusing on my dream. I care to make people around me happy, be nice and be down to earth. Sometimes I push it to the boarder line but that’s the way I am.

What are your weakest moments?

My weakest moments are the moments when I’m alone… I laugh with people I cry on my own! I don’t like to show my weakness. I always push myself. This year was a tough year for me, yet I put all my efforts in my work. You can see that from my social media accounts; I used to go to three events per day, take four flights per week, have no sleep at all! I like to challenge myself, I’m a busy bee and now I’m venturing into a new business project.

Can you brief us about this project?

I have a new baby project that I’m working on and I’m giving it 110% of my knowledge, connections and contacts. Basically the project is marketing and advertising out-door movie screens. I want to be a part of the marketing, PR, sales and advertising world.