Karim Fahmi

Actor and Soon-to-be Doctor

How do you prepare for Ramadan?

I don’t do anything special in particular, but I will be busy working on a new movie. And all that anyone wants is to be a better person and give all they can to god and try to do the best they can.

What are the Ramadanic traditions that you love the most?

I enjoy traditions and classics especially in Ramadan, like the old Fanoos, old series like “Layaly El Helmeya”, Iftar with the family, and of course the family gatherings.

Do you prefer cooking or dining out? (Iftar/ Sohour)

At home of course; I love homemade food. Well maybe every now and then I do go out. But I usually prefer eating at home, especially at my mother and mother in law’s house.

What are the foods and beverages that you cannot enjoy Ramadan without?

Again, I love homemade food the most and I am generally a food lover, so I eat plenty, and then later go on a diet to fix the damage. I love all types of foods typically made in Ramadan like konafa, even though we can eat it all year long, but there is something different about Ramadan

What are the series that you are addicted to in Ramadan?

I don’t usually watch anything in Ramadan because I am mostly so busy after Iftar that I don’t get a chance, but I hope I can catch few ones this year.

Do you ever watch/listen to your own work?

Yes, last year I watched the series that I worked on, even though we were still filming it in Ramadan.

Are you part taking in any TV series/radio this Ramadan?

This year I am not participating in anything.

What are 3 things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

My charger is always with me because I use my phone for everything. As for the car: my sunglasses and my house keys.

If stranded on an island what are 3 items you must have?

If people then my mother, wife and daughter there is nothing else anyone would ask for. But as for items, maybe just a swimming suit. I would rather not have anything with me at all to chill and escape the real world.

What 3 products you love the most for this summer season? (In Technology, Cologne, and Cars)

My favourite car is Mercedes Benz. The colognes I use the most are Tom Ford and Issey Miyake, I don’t like technology too much, but I’d want my Macbook!

Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Ramadan Kareem! I wish that I was with you this Ramadan but maybe next year and I hope you enjoyed my movie “Hassan w Bokloz.”