Yasmin Yeya

The Bridal Couture Fairy

Did you study fashion designing? Where?

No I didn’t study fashion designing, I studied business administration at the AUC.  Designing was a passion I had since I was young.

What is your favorite part about your career?

As Jim Carrey once said, “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” Being a bridal fashion designer is priceless, because the feeling that I create and share the most precious moments of a girl’s life is invaluable.

What skills do you think are essential for a successful career in fashion design?

The versatility in character between an artist, team leader and psychologist.

How do you select the materials you use? And do you easily find the materials you need?

This is my most pleasurable part of the entire process as I get to travel the world to find the finest materials.

Are there some materials more difficult to work with than others?
The finest the material the more fragile it becomes. It should be treated with the utmost luxury.

Do you use a computer program when you design or are you old school? Which is better and why?

I consider myself old school. I sketch each design I create because computer programs are for mass production not custom made.

 Do you stay up to date with international fashion trends? Who, how and where?

I actually don’t. I get exposed like any other girl. I am not obsessed with fashion, because I don’t want my designs to have a unique taste.

Do you create in synchronization with world trends or do you create based on local requirements or based on your own taste?

My creations are based on my own taste and inspiration for the bride.

What and who inspires you? 

Beauty inspires me.

 Do your creations reflect a part of your background and/or personality?
My creations reflect all of me.

Do you find it difficult to sell your masterpieces?

I did face some difficulties when I started my career, but now each design I create is old already. I like to always challenge myself and deliver the best to the world!

 What are your plans for the future? 

I plan to be happy and to keep on pleasing people.