5 Stunning Groom Suit Ideas

It’s finally time for your big day, but bear in mind that your groom will be in the spotlight, too! It goes without saying that you’ll want your groom to feel special as you on your wedding day. And that surely starts with his suit. You should consider the theme, venue and season when you’re looking for inspiration. Here are five of our favourite ideas.

Traditional Morning Suit

If your future hubby is a little too tall, this is the perfect outfit for him. The traditional morning suit will make him look a little smaller in your pictures. Not to mention that it will also make him look like a prince from the 1820s. This is especially ideal if your wedding dress is a little on the conventional side. You’ll look like a royal couple in your photo shoot!

God of Spring

So you’re not at all a conventional couple and you’re not even going to be wearing a white wedding dress? That’s fine. Because your groom can still look elegant whilst breaking the wedding dress code. A blue suit with a floral bow or tie will lighten up the atmosphere in your photos, especially if you’re having a morning wedding.

White Tuxedo

Why do you get to be the only one to wear white? Black is such a morbid colour and your man needs to match your outfit for your big day. A white tuxedo with a grey vest that accentuates the white will do your man good. It will also be a more tradtional way to break the wedding dress code.

Conventional Lounge Suit

Some grooms would just rather treat themselves to a classic everyday-style suit, which can be enhanced by a matching waistcoat and cravat. You can make your groom stand out from the best man and ushers with a different coloured waistcoat or tie. You would want to top it off with the perfect vintage-themed wedding.

Eccentric Wine Red Tuxedo

You only get married once (hopefully!), and if your man doesn’t wear a wine red tuxedo on your big day you’re missing out on a lot. This is ideal if your wedding party will be at night. It goes perfectly with the musky atmosphere and will surely make your man stand out. Especially dashing if you’re not going to wear a white wedding gown yourself.