The Park Mall

Porto Group

Porto Group Introduces a Revolutionary Concept for Commercial Lease:
Your shop at the Park Mall Settlement Is an Investment with an Eye on the Future!

Porto Group offers a promising investment opportunity with an innovative rental concept at the Park Mall in Proto New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement, meeting the clients’ particular business needs and demands. The Park Mall is the town’s new favourite destination. It is a place that brings together more than 50 international brands; such as Lulu Market, Seif Pharmacy, Smart Gym, Snips Lebanese beauty salon and spa, Seif Beauty, Kamalo Jewellery, Lord of the Wings, Desoky and Soda, Trendy Corner, Cortigiano Restaurant, Chili’s, Café Supreme, Gusto Café and other world-class brands in one exquisite entertainment hub.

The mall is managed and supervised by the Lebanese ‘Venture Group’, one of the world's leading entertainment, tourism and real estate development companies. The Park Mall offers an exceptional opportunity to realising your dream of leasing a place where growth and profitability are sky rocketing.

The mall and its facilities are stretched over an area of about 45,000 square meters, on two floors and it embraces around 130 distinguished shops, as well as a ten-screen movie theater complex, a mega food court, a hypermarket, a parking lot, artificial lakes, water fountains and green space amenities that were designed by the world's most famous designers; as well as kids’ play areas, playgrounds and swimming pools.

The Park Mall in Porto New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement offers an unprecedented shopping and entertainment experience for all those seeking profitable and innovative business and entertainment opportunities. This opportunity is one in a life time. If you are willing to invest in a new and distinctive entertainment hub, rent your shop now, because the number is limited!

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Ezz Al Arab

Signs Agreement to Manufacture TVS Products in Egypt

Al Ezz for Light Vehicles has recently been established as a new independent company last August. The company’s main target is local manufacturing and assembly backed up by investments that reach up to EGP 150 million.

TVS Motors is an Indian trademark specialized in manufacturing motorbikes, scooters and auto rickshaws (tuk-tuks). This signed agreement with the renowned Indian brand allows the independent company to become an exclusive representative for TVS in Egypt.

The contract also covers all importation processes, which allow the independent company to start local assembly for TVS products exclusively through Al Ezz for Light Vehicles.  The new company will start marketing and selling all TVS models of motorcycles, scooters and tuk tuks during the first quarter of 2019 in Egypt.

OLA Energy

Oil Libya becomes OLA Energy

Taking an iconic step in the group's 25-year history:

Libya Oil begins operations under a new commercial name "OLA Energy" in Egypt and Africa.

Mr. Mazen bin Ramadan: A new identity that reflects our strength and success and our ability in providing unparalleled services. Investments worth 500M L.E injected into the Egyptian market.

Eng. Mesbah El Beshti: The establishment of the first storage warehouse in Alexandria to increase the group's local market share.

Libya Oil Group has unveiled its new commercial trade brand "OLA Energy" taking effect on all the Group's outlets and products, representing a turning point in the Group's 25-year history. The rebrand reflects the true African spirit of "Ola Energy” committing to being Africa’s preferred shopping destination in the oil distribution field.

The unveiling of the Ola Energy identity in Egypt came during an exclusive ceremony attended by Eng. Ahmed Hossam El din, Deputy Minister of Supply and Internal Trade for Internal Trade Affairs. Several senior officials of the Ola Energy group and government body representatives, industry officials from the oil and automotive field and members of the media were also present.

Mr. Mazen Bin Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer of Libya Oil Holding Group, confirms the importance and support the new commercial name has "we received great support from shareholders who expressed their satisfaction with the Group's performance and development over the years." "The board of directors, higher management and Group employees are enthused with the business identity revamp, and the prospects of growth and value that this brings to the African Identity of the brand, born and nurtured by its people serving Africa meeting the highest international quality standards."

"The Group's strategy to launch the new brand is symbolic of "OLA Energy’s" expanding market offering as a modern Pan-African energy retailer that seeks to cater to the rapidly changing demands of consumers," adds Mr. Bin Ramadan "The change is not just a new view of the company's stations and its image, but a commitment to significantly improve our offering through the development and modernization of new services."

Speaking of their commitment to the region, Mr. Bin Ramadan said "We are a dynamic and professional African company that is active in the field of distribution, capable of delivering advanced products and services in all branches of our distribution network in Pan-Africa. With continuing expansion plans and a commitment to economic development, we are injecting more than 500M L.E during the next five years, contributing to the provision of more than 30 thousand jobs directly and indirectly."

Eng. Mesbah El Beshti, General Manager of Ola Energy Egypt, reaffirms the group's commitment to Egypt "Our group started operating in Egypt in 1995 witnessing a remarkable boom in the number of our service stations with approx 90 stations with ambitious plans to increase to 110 by 2021". "Our products service airlines in ten airports, as well as a significant number of stakeholders in the large haul transport industry and companies operating in the maritime field, positioning us with a strong and growing market share in Egypt."

With substantial investments in the industrial and logistics field, Ola Energy has managed to invest in manufacturing mineral oils through the OPSBA oil mixing plant in Alexandria, with the highest international quality certification in the ISO STANDARDS providing mineral oils to the local market as well as other neighboring African states, adds Eng. El Beshti. "To meet our ambitious growth plans and increase our local market share, the company has decided to set up its first storage warehouse in Alexandria."

Eng. El Beshti added that the Group has "succeeded in the past decade in achieving remarkable results, with unprecedented strength and focus, a bold vision and a positive strategy to achieve the Group's objectives, progressing into a dynamic company in the Egyptian market in particular and Africa as a whole.

Al Khal

Egyptian Affair

Egypt has a lot to offer when it comes to Oriental cuisine. If you don’t know where to stop for a meal that translates the true essence of Egyptian authenticity, nothing is quite as fine and delicate on the taste buds as InterContinental Citystars’ ‘Al Khal’.

Make sure to try their Orzo Soup, totally unbeatable. The Lentils Soup is very tasty. The Spicy Old Cheese is mouthwatering.  You will fall in love with the Stuffed Vine Leaves and Aubergine with Babaghanoug and Yougurt Salad, while The Alexandrian Liver is delectable and cooked to perfection.

For the main course, The Shrimps Tagine is a different story, the Moza Tagine is finger liking with the rich and inviting veal served in a bed of equally delicious vermicelli. Yet the true King of the show is the Molokhya with its nice and richly fulfilling stock that was freshly prepared in a wheel stove by the table. It can be served with shrimps, chicken or rabbits.

Believe us when we tell you that it is hard to resist the fluffy and crispy Egyptian desert that is freshly prepared in the hotel’s bakery. The Konafa is finger liking and the Basbousa with Crème will take you to a different world. Om Ali is delicately perfect and The Milk Pudding and Milk Rice on the other hand are heavenly with roasted pistachios sprinkled on top.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s Lucca

Italian Haven at Cairo’s Luminous Diamond

Located in the Cosmopolitan District, Cairo’s Luminous Luxury Hotel Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski embraces the elegance and sophistication of royalty combined with an invincible avant-garde hospitality service.  With diverse themed restaurants that are firm to please different tastes, our hearts fell for its Tuscany inspired bliss, Lucca.  

Served on the house as you ponder over the menu, is a platter of Bread Sticks with Zucchini and Olive Dips for a light starter. Their mouthwatering Antipasti Selection combines Octopus, Marinated Sardines, Stuffed Breaded Olives and a combination of perfectly right flavors.


The Beef Tagliata served with Bay Leaf Potato, Arugula, Parmigiano and Veal Jus was simply cooked to perfection whether medium or well done. Their Branzino in Guazetto with Sea Bass, Artichoke, Cherrie Tomatoes and Olives was rich and scrumptious, while the Osso Buco with Veal Shank, Saffron Risotto and Gremolata was so delectable and heavenly.

The dessert at Lucca will make a light and just perfect end to our meal. The Tiramisu was very fluffy. Make sure you try their lip smacking Tartufo with chocolate cream hazelnut that will defiantly leave you craving for more.

Cairo Marriott BBQ Brunch at Garden Promenade

A Tasteful Affair

Offering a gourmet all-you-can-eat dining experience that's unmatched anywhere else, Cairo Marriott’s BBQ Brunch features the most impressive carving stations in town. Guests can revel in a variety of sumptuous delights. Live-action cooking stations offer a variety of sushi, pasta and meat selections that are sure to tickle the taste buds! The pasta station is the undoubted highlight. The freshness and quality of the ingredients is palpable. Prepared freshly of Cairo Marriott’s whole grain signature pasta, we’re big fans of the way it is placed inside a pure heavenly cheese block before serving! The Potato Gratin with Bechamel, Grilled Chicken and Fish Panne are all hearty and filling. While the Spinach with Bechamel was well balanced and full of flavor. Salad selection is fresh and colorful with a variety of smoked salmon, steamed seafood along with Tahini, Baba Ghanoush, corn, and pasta and tuna salads. The dessert station is filled with finger liking delicacies that include a mix of oriental and western delights, fruits and heavenly ice-cream flavors with all the essential toppings! You can also enjoy a variety of hot and cool drinks, as well as the finest alcoholic beverages, all-inclusive.


Back to the Heart of Turkey

Located on the second floor at Kempinski Nile Hotel, Osmanly maybe simple by design but the food is a real cut above. The atmosphere so intoxicating almost makes you feel you're in Turkey. Osmanly’s menu is truly unique. We highly recommend trying their heavenly creamy ‘Lentil Soup’ with sautéed red lentils, glazed onions and croutons. For appetizers, they serve an excellent selection of hot and cold mezzas, the portions of every offering are so substantial. In the main course, the ‘Kuz Tandir’, 12-hour slow cooked lamb leg with wheat-vegetable keskek, has the requisite wow factor, while the ‘Istanbul Kebab’ is the definite star of the main course. If you are looking for something untraditionally tasty, the grape leaves wrap ‘Sebus’ lifts the humble plate to the sublime. If you are aiming for a great finish to a great long meal, make sure to leave room for desert because they are truly saving the best for last! Their yummy ‘Kunafe’ is out of the world; there is no better way to describe it than a true Turkish delight!

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s The State

A Tale of Deluxe Dining

Marked as a classic European restaurant infused with local flair, The State restaurant at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski picks the best of what every country has to offer. The brunch buffet is divided into several sections offering a flavour for every taste and mood. A definite crowd pleaser! You will find a variety of the yummiest assortments, all served in the highest quality! You will love the Duck Confit, Sweet Potato Gratin and Chicken Shawerma. While the Green Beans, Beef Sausage and Potato Wedges were cooked to perfection. Seafood lovers, we found your heaven on earth! We suggest you begin with their mouthwatering Creamy Clam Chowder Soup with Corn! The Seafood Jambalaya and Fish Sayadia are delectable. Their salad station is rich with all you’d crave from Calamari, Herring and Shrimp salads. You don’t want to miss their Salmon and Tuna salad; it’s the real deal! Other salad varieties include oriental basics from Labneh with Mint, Tabouleh, Fattoush and Baba Ghanoush. However if you are a little picky, you can create your own signature salad for you will find a variety of fresh vegetables, pickles, cheese assortments, dry nuts and all the essential toppings. Those looking for the sweeter side of the buffet may feast their eyes upon attractive world-class desserts including individual candies, pastries and cakes. In addition to a selection of oriental goodies and fresh fruits! Don’t worry, your kids are not forgotten! They are promised to enjoy a special set buffet of nuggets, mini burgers, Pasta Al Forno and club sandwiches in addition to a wide variety of toothsome and colourful candies. That’s not all, Royal Maxim Palace offers you a peace of mind, as your little bundles of joy receive the royal treatment at Le Petit Royal Kids Club, where they’ll be entertained and supervised in a safe and fun environment while you enjoy your relaxing brunch!

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

A Magestic Affair

Insight was invited to a weekend of pampering at Cairo’s Luminous Luxury Hotel Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski. It was such a marvellous weekend as we got the chance to linger and dream in a world of palatial services.


Some of us enjoyed the sublime sense of relaxation as they checked into a Superior Pool Room. The room is an intimate accommodation with a magnificent backdrop of the palace in a contemporary setting with the impressive pool view at The Palace courtyard. Those who were looking for a relaxing simplicity enjoyed their stay at a Deluxe Room. The room lights up with ideal soft furnishings in various subdued shades of brown and beige. Both rooms feature a queen-sized bed, a working desk and a Nespresso machine in addition to regular room features. 


As we were opting for an unforgettable experience we were having a peace of mind knowing that the kids are also receiving the royal treatment at Le Petit Royal Kids Club, where they were entertained and supervised in a safe and fun environment during our stay. Le Petit Royal Kids Club provides all types of activities with a light and colourful room that is equipped with early learning games; while a second room has a television, PlayStation - video game console- and board games.



The hotel is trademarked with its diverse themed restaurants that are a true representation of culinary heritage. The first night we couldn’t help but find our hearts leading us to the Tuscany inspired bliss, Lucca. The Beef Tagliata, served with bay leaf potato, arugula, parmigiano and veal jus was simply cooked to perfection. The Branzino In Guazetto with sea bass, artichoke, cherrie tomatoes and olives was rich and scrumptious, while the Osso Buco with veal shank, saffron risotto and gremolata was so delectable and heavenly. Although we didn’t find our favourite Tiramisu but the smacking Tartufo and Semifreddo Al Torroncino wiped our short disappointment and fulfilled our sweet tooth.


The second day we enjoyed an elegant breakfast and brunch at The State, a classic buffet dining room offering European dishes accentuated with a local touch. The State picks the best of what every country has to offer. The restaurant sets itself apart with its elegant interiors offering a refined dining experience within a casual setting. We enjoyed our brunch way beyond the first time we tried it; they definitely went beyond their powers this time. We loved the newly Asian station that offers a selection of fresh Asian delights ( all prepared by order).The new entertainer was also nice and subtle - not too noisy but nice enough to add to our enjoyment. 




For our third night we were supposed to try out Romanov as it came highly recommended but we were still in pool hair and attire and Romanov is very dressy and posh - so we opted for the Asian charm Yana and we were in for an amazing experience. We wanted to try everything and therefore opted for half portions when we could but every single thing arrived to perfection and exceeded our expectations. The Tom Yom was better than any we have ever tasted; we loved the Pad Thai with tamarind sauce- mouth watering. The Prawn Tempura- freshly imported from Thailand- was beyond delicious; we couldn’t get enough of it. The sushi was very fresh - we could’ve just stuck there for the rest of the evening. For main dish we tried the Spicy Thai Red Curry and we fell in love with every bite of it. After all these options we still had room to finish this unforgettable meal with fried banana and ice cream! Although, we couldn’t move after this food extravaganza yet it was worth every minute. Definitely to go again and again.


Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski sets itself apart by presenting a captivating luxurious authentic European service. The palace is conveniently situated for both business and leisure guests. If you want to enjoy an elegant getaway away from the noise of the city, head to the Austrian palatial landmark and you will be treated to a flow of majesty.




Offering an escape from the rigours of city life, The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a sanctuary of pure indulgence for all your senses, with nine treatment rooms, including one for couples, a sauna and steam room, and an array of holistic treatments.


Spa Facilities and Treatments

Create a moment of peaceful bliss to remember with one of The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s two signature treatments. In The Peloid Treatment Chamber you can start with a full body exfoliation, after which different types of mineral mud are applied. Relax and allow the benefits of the steam room to encapsulate you before having all muds rinsed off. A full body massage ends this magical experience.  The relaxing and radiant Sea Holistic Experience is a unique massage that uses gentle warmth and the fragrant scent of lavender flowers in a combination of light strokes pressure and stretching. Thai-inspired sea boluses eliminate tension knots one by one and restores balance to the body with an exfoliation using sea salt oysters and a radiance boosting facial treatment. 



Choose from one of five relaxing facials, tailored to each guest’s unique skin. Seawater Pearls is an intensive moisturizing treatment based on the application of specialised marks with highly active ingredients to produce radiance and a boost of moisturizer to your most valued asset – your skin. 





Youth Revealing Pioneer reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores skin’s youthfulness, softness and luminosity, and is perfect for those looking for the combination of high performance and well-being for visible changes after the first treatment. Marine Breeze is a breathe of oxygen in a treatment that brings all the benefits of a seaside stroll into your treatment room. Designed to oxygenate and purify, this treatment is ideal for combination and, or oily skin types. Formulated with marine extracts, it also protects the skin against environmental pollution. Hydra Express is an express, yet effective, treatment offering you luminous, glowing skin even when you do not have the time. Skin Escape for Men features specific professional products that are used to deliver a more adapted solution for the treatment of the male epidermis. The treatment is adapted according to the desired outcome; moisturized, rejuvenated, soothed or oxygenated.


Body Treatments 

Lie back and relax as a team of highly skilled professionals provides the latest in body treatments. Coconut Scrub is a full body exfoliation, which is mixed according to your specific body need. Marina Body Wrap is a seaweed body mask rich in iodine, a natural element that is vital to keep the metabolism running efficiently. As the body absorbs this, thyroid function is enhanced, aiding in any slimming programme. A series of treatments will optimise long-term results. Detox Body Massage features a relaxing massage for the back, scalp and feed, combined with a detoxifying marine mud application.



Choose from an array of massages that will leave you feeling nourished, revived and refreshed. The traditional full body

Swedish Massage uses medium to firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. The Balinese Massage combines a series of techniques deriving from acupressure and reflexology, with aromatherapy to enhance relaxation to both the body and mind.  The Aromatherapy Massage is a tailor-made full body massage combining classic techniques along with personally prescribed blend of the finest essential oils. The Volcanic Stone Massage contains heated volcanic stones, which are used to massage the whole body releasing deep-seated tension. Ideal for anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains. 


The Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress using specialised techniques, concentrating on specific areas of concern. While The Foot Massage is a specialized treatment uses reflexology techniques that focus on specific areas of tension and strain in the feet. It induces a feeling of deep relaxation, releases muscles tension and relieves stiffness. The Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage eases aches and pains, and relieves localised tension.


The Fitness Centre

Release tension and energy at the 24-hour fitness centre, with state-of-the-art equipment and access to a personal trainer. All cardiovascular equipment in the health club are equipped with a series of TV and radio channels, video and audio instruction, iPod docking station, heart rate sensor, and various exercise programs to suit the needs of both the beginner and advanced runner. 


Or take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, where the area is equipped with 17 private pool cabanas that can be enjoyed for the day and a kid’s splash area with water guns to entertain the younger guests. Those who prefer can enjoy warmer waters in the form of a heated pool. 


City Resort Membership

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo, offers exclusive access to its 5-star facilities, including the state-of-the-art fitness centre, sauna and steam room located in the spa and its iconic swimming pool. In addition, members will receive a host of value-added services, such as a personalized gym induction by a trained team member, along with a complimentary one-on-one fitness assessment, allowing you get the most out of your time at the magnificent City Resort.

The Fondue Pot

Bringing the Fun to Fondue

Located in one of the most prestigious quiet streets in Heliopolis, The Fondue Pot offers a wide variety of mouthwatering options made with high quality ingredients to meet every taste and mood. (In)sight’s foodies got the chance to visit The Fondue Pot and try out their latest menu and it` exceeded our expectations!


The restaurant’s ambience is all about giving the guest the perfect Swiss experience. The brick walls and check patterned table-sheets complement the entire feel of the place giving it a unique European flair. The wooden interiors and bells inspired by the original Swiss chalets add to the essence of the Swiss life.


When it comes to variety The Fondue Pot never fail to impress. You will lose your soul lingering over the heavenly taste of the cheese fondue... honestly we can’t pick a favorite!  We also recommend the heartwarming Chicken Tomato Bisque and Mushroom Soup. Their appetizers range from Kase Chicken Fingers to Zucchini Fries with Onion Dip. All finger-licking good.

The new menu contains a wide variety of ready cooked main dishes that are filled with delicious steak, chicken and seafood options. We loved The Peppercorn Steak with peach sauce while The Valaisanne Chicken was cooked to perfection. Yet our most favorite dish was The Salmon Teriyaki.


Indulging in dessert is the main aim and The Fondue Pot offering more than ten different types of chocolate fondue that will just melt your heart away … we highly recommend trying their new red velvet fondue, you will thank us later! If you don’t feel like fonduing (God forbid) you are far from forgotten! Their dessert menu includes Fried Vanilla Ice-cream and La Gruyere Meringue with double cream. Just savor the experience.


Thank you for a lovely experience and a great addition to your lovely menu.