June ‘17
Simple and to the point

June ‘17
Wesam Masoud
Wesam Masoud


Chef Wesam is a Television and Radio presenter of food and cooking shows. He quit practicing medicine to become a professional chef and currently serves on the board of the Egyptian Chefs Association. He can be found on Instagram and twitter @chefwesammasoud.

Favourite Iftar and Sohour Destinations…

For Iftar: my mom’s house and Sequoia. For Sohour: Yokal, Zooba and Al 3oda restaurant in Nasr City.

Favourite Iftar and Sohour dishes…

For Iftar: Roast Chicken, Macarona Bechamel and Rokak. For Sohour: Omelets, Ein Katkoot, Shakshooka

Favourite Ramadanic drink

Qamar el deen 100%!!

Your most unforgettable memory during the Holy month

Walking with my late father through downtown Cairo when I was 8 years old. He showed me where he used to go when he was a young man living in Cairo and it’s those days I miss the most.

Biggest kitchen failure

I burnt my entire right hand with flaming hot oil about 15 years ago. The best lesson I ever learned about respecting fire and the potential pain if I don’t.

Favourite Ramadanic dessert

Mehallabia Qamar el deen. I can’t get enough of it!

Secret ingredient

These days I’ve been using Miso and Katsuobishi in a lot of my sauces and marinades.  Both are staples of Japanese Cuisine. There are many types of Miso, but it is most commonly made of fermented soybeans. Miso gives a lovely savory (called Umami) taste to food. Katsuobushi is dried smoked and petrified bonito fish that lends an amazing depth and smokiness to soups, dressings – you name it!