July ‘15
Insight Interview

July ‘15
The Wellness Log
The Wellness Log


'The Wellness Log' is a one of a kind nutrition and exercise plan customized for every member to help them achieve their fitness goals and targets. We met with health entrepreneurs, Nabil Rostom and Norshek Fawzy - founders of the revolutionary concept - and got an exclusive scoop on 'The Wellness Log''¦

What can you tell us about yourselves?

With our active and innovative minds we believe we can rule the world. We take wellness seriously as does wellness takes us. We are free spirited with a high sense of witty humor, likely because we just love life. When we say 'Let's do this' we mean so many things.

What inspired you to start 'The Wellness Log'?

After running 'The BootCamp' for more than two years and getting to know different people with a lot of different targets we were inspired to offer an optimum customized solution to cater to each and everyone, rather than give a good solution that caters to just some.

Tell us more about this program.

'The Wellness Log' offers customized day-to-day workout and nutrition plans. Our main goal is to help anyone with any target, lifestyle goals and dreams with the right program for them.

Describe the basic introductory steps you take with new members.

We make sure getting started is easy and fast, they simply sign up on our website, choose a program and fill in a simple application that we scientifically created to make sure our team of experts have all they need to design the perfect plan for them.

What separates 'The Wellness Log' from other health programs?

'The Wellness Log' is not just a health program; it's an entire lifestyle. It's the program for the athlete preparing for the next 'Ironman' as well as the working mom with no time on her hands. We always tell our loggers that we have their back, you name it and we customize it.

What did you aim to achieve when you first launched the brand?

Mainly awareness about body image, living healthy, holistic lifestyle and how doable this is. The Internet is flooded with lists of 'Dos and Don'ts' that are not always true but even if they are, they aren't always the best fit for you.

What is the biggest misconception about exercise that you wish to change?

That one size fits all, it doesn't. What works for your friend might not work for you. Actually what worked for you last year, might not work for you today.

Do you see a shift happening in public perceptions of a healthy lifestyle here in Egypt?

Yes, a big and positive one! People are engaging and pursuing dreams from a basic healthy lifestyle to competing physically.

In your opinion what is a healthy body?

A healthy body is a well-balanced body.

What's next?

After six years in the health and fitness industry, we came up with what we believe will revolutionize the industry GLOBALLY! So stay on the edge of your seats - we've got something big coming your way.

By Rania Ihab