May ‘13
Insight Interview

May ‘13
The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Planner


Ever wondered about what it's like to be in charge of a large-scale wedding? Daunting, huh? Insight probes into the inner workings of wedding management, how to coordinate the tasks, direct the team tasks, organize the logistics, sounds more like a general, but wedding requires an efficient and strong style of management of where the entire wedding crew serve as your infantry to attain your ceremonial vision

Has being a wedding planner been your dream ever since childhood?

There are few jobs that offer so many benefits. Wedding planning and consulting came to me as a creative idea, a fun, interesting and rewarding one. I believe that if you start your own wedding planning business you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. I believe that as long as you have the desire, you can become anything you like. Neither special education nor experience is necessary.

How old were you when you first planned a wedding? Do you still remember the couple?

I started wedding-planning when I was around 27 years old, it became my passion. A wedding planner never forgets her first clients, these are the people who have believed in me and gave me the chance to improve in my field and grow in my line of business.

How long have you been planning weddings?

Nine years.

Do you plan other events as well? What are they? If not, what would you like to plan other than weddings?

I do not only plan weddings, `I like experimenting with other events as well such as corporate events, exhibitions, and have planned some of the biggest parties around Cairo such as New Years, Christmas and Ramadan tents.

How long does it take for an average wedding to get set up?

Doesn't take long if you know what you are doing and you have coordinated with the family a few months in advance just so we have a solid overall picture. An average of two weeks for the complete setup.

What's the most stressing step that you take during wedding planning?

Honestly, I think coping and dealing with women who put too much pressure on themselves to plan the PERFECT wedding and end up having a break down is the most stressful first step that I have to face. It's much simpler than that, women can actually have fun doing this if they don't put so much pressure on themselves.

Did you ever get bizarre wedding requests? Share us some moments.

I had a wedding request once that came from Yemen and was a segregated wedding! NOT my type of wedding, but bizarre enough they had totally customs far different from our own.

What is your favorite part in every wedding setting that you arrange?

Standing out from the crowd would be my favourite part. Too many weddings are unoriginal, and that's where I come in. Playing around with wedding arrangements, colours, center pieces, creative giveaways make weddings stand out from the rest.

Do you usually attend the weddings that you plan?

No, my part is usually done around the beginning of the wedding leaving space for the rest of the teams to start their own mission.

How do you cope with the problems and issues that you encounter concerning work?

Coping with problems and issues all depend on your connections in the market. If you know the right people and always have a 'plan b' you will overcome anything. Planning is the keyword!

Share your best memory with a client concerning their wedding.

Planning my best friend's wedding.

Where does your creativity and imagination take you while planning a wedding? What are your inspirations?

The venue is one of my inspirations while taking into consideration the attendees' backgrounds, religion, and lifestyle; which gives me room for creativity. once I start with the setup, that's when ideas come about.

If you were given three days to plan a wedding in a house, how would you take that challenge? What are the main steps that you will take in order to succeed? Give us your brief image on how it's going to be.

In my opinion, three days is a 'mission impossible'! I would never under any circumstances, out myself in a situation where that would happen. But if I was given a short notice period ( one week), the most important aspect of the wedding is the flower arrangements and the catering which would be my first move. The setup and the entertainment follow.

In your opinion, what do you have as a talent/skill that make your wedding arrangements better than the others?

Creativity of the setup and themes, uniqueness of furniture design and flower/accessories arrangement.

What would you like to add and subtract from the Egyptian weddings that you have planned/attended? For instance, add some touches from other countries' traditions etc.

I would remove the (kosha) and the ( zaffa) which have been overused in many weddings which make them very repetitive without any sense of style. From other countries, I would like to include wedding vows, which I believe is a very intimate bond between Husband and Wife to be shared with their families and friends.

I have to disagree with clients when they'¦select themes that do not match the venue or overall atmosphere.