July ‘15
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July ‘15
The Perks of being Jad Shwery
The Perks of being Jad Shwery


One of the most controversial talents on the art scene! Whether you like him for his artistic taste or controversial persona, there is no doubt that Jad Shwrey is a one of a kind gifted talent that deserves the praise'¦

Talk to us about your new duet with Pussy.

Well I decided to explore my music career as a technical producer like 'Jay Z', 'Kanye West' and many international celebrities have done before, by writing songs and collaborating with other singers to present a different genre. I started working on 'Agaza' (Vacation) with composer Mohamed Yehia and we thought that Pussy is the perfect choice to perform this song. She has such a distinctive voice and is so in vogue. It was a great experience to return to the Egyptian crowd with such a unique project.

Where have you been for the past four years?

After 2011 revolution, the company that was responsible for producing my work closed and I decided to work further on my career as a director. I collaborated with a lot of huge names like Waddea' Alsafy, Yara, Nawal Alzughbi, Jwana Malah, Cyrine Abdel Nour and others. After I succeeded to create my own style as a director, I decided to return back as a singer.

You presented a lot of bold clips in the beginning of your career, but now you're following a different path, how did the shift happen?

I believe that I became more mature as an artist today than I was at the beginning of my career 10 years ago. I directed my first video clip when I was just 22 years old. I decided to change my vision as an artist because I don't want my success to be linked to the controversy caused by my work.

Any regrets?

No I don't regret anything I've ever done. I didn't do these projects for the sake of fame or to provoke people! Back then I was living in France, which is a totally different society with a totally different culture. Now I am more aware of the Middle Eastern mentality and I respect it.

Do you consider directing movie or TV projects?

I've been offered a lot of projects in drama and cinema, but now I am more focused to prove myself in the music field. Later on I may consider trying something in cinema or drama as a scriptwriter within a group, to make sure I am presenting something with my vision and style.

How can you evaluate Mohamed Samy as a movie and drama director after succeeding in video clips?

Mohamed Samy is a brilliant director and he presented a lot of successful clips with Haifa Wehbe and Tamer Hosny. His success in the video clips world helped him to succeeded in drama and movies.

What about your new album?

This album is a different experience. It contains six duets with six different singers and has a variety of genres like Rap, Oriental, Classics and Nubian, which I present for the first time. It has six Egyptian songs as well as two Lebanese songs. In this album I collaborate with artists like Jimmy Hadad and Mohamed Yehia.

Why don't you collaborate with other directors to direct your clips?

My experience as a director helps me a lot in producing my clips the way I visualise them. That does not mean I am against the concept, for instance the late Yehia Sa'ada directed one of my clips in the beginning of my career.

What can you tell those who claim that you are not talented?

I work to entertain people with new ideas that carry the wow factor. I can't say I am a professional singer and that's why I choose to collaborate with those gifted with a good voice like Pussy in 'Vacation'.

By Shymaa Hewity