June ‘16
Mark Somers

June ‘16
The Master of All Radio Games
The Master of All Radio Games


Anything you would like to share with our readers.

I just want to wish everyone the very best for this Ramadan and for Eid too when it comes. I hope everyone has lots of family time, lots of nice food and happiness. Ramadan Kareem!

What 3 products you love the most for this summer season?  (In Technology, Cologne, and Cars)

I keep getting sunburnt and going a kind of maroon colour so sunscreen would be one. I’m also getting a new iPhone soon so probably that, and I really want a toaster, for making really good toast. Wait, what was the question?

If stranded on an island what are 3 items you must have?

I would have my cats, Tyrion, Borio, Munkie and Adobo! There are four of them not 3, please could I take them all? They’re all masters at finding food so they would help me survive. 

What are 3 things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

I don’t have a car and I don’t actually carry a handbag either. I feel if I were to fast, I would be very unprepared!

Are you part taking in any TV series/radio this Ramadan?

Yep! Nile FM is doing a radio play loosely based around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk but with an Egyptian twist. At the time of writing this, I am currently in the middle of writing episode 3.

Do you ever watch/listen to your own work?

As the radio is live, I very rarely get to hear myself as everyone else does. I think I would be shocked if I were to go home from work and find myself playing on the radio that would be too spooky! 

What are the series that you are addicted to in Ramadan?

I remember watching one with Fifi Abdo last year and although I didn’t understand a word of it, it was just a joy to see her in action. Khamsa Mwah, khamsa yalla ba2a, aiwaaaa ba2a!

What are the foods and beverages that you cannot enjoy Ramadan without?

I can eat mahshi forever any time of year, but it’s especially good in Ramadan. I do have a sweet tooth though, so throw the konafa bel manga with the lovely eshta at me, and I will be in heaven. 

Do you prefer cooking or dining out? (Iftar/ Sohour)

Going out is great for me as I get to see everyone feasting. 

What are the Ramadan traditions that you love the most?

The gathering of families and friends has to be the best. To see everyone coming together and sharing Iftar is wonderful. Every year we have a Nile FM and Nogoum FM Iftar when we all come together. When the time comes for everyone to eat, I usually hang back a little so as not to be caught in the stampede! 

How do you prepare for Ramadan?

Ramadan is an exciting time here in Egypt, even for those who aren’t Muslim. It’s wonderful to celebrate with everyone and eat all the fabulous food. Of course this takes no preparation at all, I am well practiced at eating lots.