July ‘16
Arab's Favorite Boy Band

July ‘16
The Five
The Five


The five masters of pop have been discovered through ‘The X Factor Arabia’. Each of them, from different origins, auditioned as a solo artist, not knowing they’ll be brought together to form what will become the most popular Middle Eastern boy band. If you’re wondering how they crossed paths, they’re here to tell you themselves..

How did you discover your love for music and singing?

Adil: Singing has been a big part of me for as long as I remember. I would always sing along to the music playing since I was a child, so I discovered I could naturally sing at a young age. 
Saeed: I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t sing. I think I even sang as a baby, instead of crying! 
Kazem: It definitely always came naturally to me because I grew up in a house full of music; my parents would play lots of different types of music for me. It was probably when I knew I wanted to do it forever.

What/who encouraged you to participate in the X Factor?

Ahmed: My family and friends really gave me the courage to enroll! 
BMD: I just felt ready and I’m so happy that I went to that audition that brought ‘The 5’ together. 

How did you come together as one band for the X Factor?

Ahmed: We all entered the show as solo artists, and we did well, so the judges decided we would make a good boy band. It was shocking, but we were glad it happened. There’s never been a band like us, one that appeals to the entire Arab world. We’ve got some great new songs coming up that our fans will love.

How has it been like being part of a band instead of being solo singers?

Ahmed: It’s been great. We have got to know each other and became even closer friends. We have travelled around; recorded in Sweden and we have generally been a great team with our label and managers at Sony Music. 

Do you think your cultural differences affect your music?

Ahmed: Yes of course, but in a really good way. We each have our own set of influences and styles to bring to the table, which you can find in our latest hit ‘Heya Kida El Haya’ (This is Life). Our new material takes this even further; we have some real surprises in store.  

How would you describe one another?

Kazem: I guess I am the cheeky one; I’m quite the jester! Saeed thinks he is our heartthrob.
Saeed: It’s true; I get more Instagram likes.
BMD: Adil never stops moving or talking. Ahmed is sociable and always goes to the coolest places. 
Ahmed: BMD is the edgy rapper. He loves to work out and he just might just be the smartest out of us all, but he’s extremely good at hiding it. 

How do you feel about your newfound fame?

BMD: I don’t think we are quite famous yet.  There’s a long way to go but our journey so far is all down to our fans - The Fivers. We love them. 
Saeed: We like to send love to our Egyptian followers and thank everyone for their support. We don’t want to let them down, and that’s what makes us work so hard.  

How do you plan to leave a mark in the Arab world?

Ahmed: We want to be the first and best truly regional Arab boy band, and we want to inspire our fans to follow their dreams and think big. 
Saeed: There’s no reason why pop bands can’t be successful from this region – why not? 
Kazem: Maybe there’ll be a big girl group soon. That would be cool.

What other boy bands do you aspire to be like?

Ahmed: There are so many amazing boy bands around the world, but we are doing our own thing. We look up to each other for inspiration.  
Saeed: We aspire to be great musicians and produce brilliant songs. This is our drive. Our priority is making great music and representing our families, friends and home countries in the best way we can. 

Do you believe that boy bands still have a chance in the Arab world?

Ahmed: We believe now is the time for all young Arab talent.
Adil: Yes, just look at our social media followers and fans, everywhere you look young people are changing the region and making a real difference. 
BMD: They are influencing all sorts of things and we are so honoured to be a part of this. We like to think we represent young people and our music speaks to them. 

How did the idea of a writing camp come to mind?

BMD: We wanted to join this global conversation started by Clean&Clear, about having the courage to be your real, unique self, which is so important to the youth in the region. 
Ahmed: Big shout out to Clean&Clear for creating this initiative, where we can give back to our Fivers and new fans! 
Kazem: I never thought we’d be going back to school so soon. 

What do you aim to achieve through this initiative?

BMD: This is an exciting and fun initiative that shows that we believe in the abilities of young people all over the region. We want to see who they really are and what they can do. We can all be champions for the young generation in this region. 

How do you expect to tap into the creative potentials of Arab youth through your initiative?

BMD: Clean& Clear have already received over 650 lyric entries through social media #SeeTheRealMe. 
Saeed: We’ve been going through them and they are inspirational, all these young people really expressing their feelings and emotions to us. It’s humbling. 
Ahmed: We welcome all Egyptian music fans to do the same and get involved in this fantastic initiative. 

Why is the camp only targeting girls?

BMD: “See The Real Me” is an initiative from Clean & Clear, a skin care brand that primarily targets teen girls, and works to create opportunities and inspire the courage girls need to grab those opportunities.  But we don’t want to exclude guys—both Clean &Clear and the band are happy to see a lot of involvement from boys in the campaign already, and we hope it continues that way.  Anyone can relate to the message of the campaign, and everyone is welcome to help us write our single about it!

Talk to us about your debut album.

Saeed: We went to Sweden for the first time a few months ago with our label and Sony Music managers, and spent two weeks working together with top producers over there.  It was a fantastic experience with a brilliant team who has worked with some of our heroes from all over the world. Having their input was really valuable but not only that it was the first time we had really got together in one place for a decent amount of time to write our own music and melodies. 
BMD: The new music is knockout. A real reflection of our backgrounds and incorporates styles from across the Arab world like Rai and Maksoum, mixed with strong elements of Western pop music as well. We love what we did before, but after Sweden, our sound is definitely more developed. We know you’re going to love it!

What are your upcoming plans and projects?

Ahmed: Things are getting busy! We are celebrating Eid with a live performance in Beirut, then we’ll be straight back to Dubai to work on our Clean&Clear writing camp project with fans. After that, we are releasing our next big single and video. You’ll have to stay tuned to our social pages for more news on performances and releases. We’re really looking forward to the summer. 

What would you like to say to your Egyptian fans? 

Ahmed: We love you and we can’t wait to see you!