January ‘16
Insight Interview

January ‘16
The Captivating... Jamila Awad
The Captivating... Jamila Awad


Following the footsteps of her family, Jamila Awad has become one of the most captivating actresses in Egypt. She is young, spirit-full and looking towards a bright future in acting. She is not afraid to show her true colour and speak her mind. She is willing to go lengths to help people, especially through her role choices.

When you were first offered your role as Hania, what first came to your mind?

I thought it was a very strong sign from God especially because Nelly Karim was my first inspiration ever since she was a ballerina.

When did you discover your passion for acting?

I have always wanted to act since I have been aware but never shared.

What does addiction mean to you?

Addiction to me is using your true essence of human nature for whatever temptation you may have.

Would you do another controversial role similar to Hanias again?

I would choose the kind of role that would be beneficial to people, something I could deliver a message through, no matter if its bold or not.

Do you think teenagers would do anything to fit in?

Some people think in a very shallow way just because they want to fit in and to fulfil their needs, but when they fail they try to fit in no matter what it takes just to feel secure, loved and happy.

Do you think their curiosity and the cultural gap are what lead them to narcotics?

I think its their needs and lack of connection to positive things that gives them the time and energy to go look in the wrong places.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I am afraid I would tell and not be able to reach it! Saying it out loud makes it a harder challenge for me. Like acting, I never shared it with anyone because I wasnt sure Ill be able to do it. I didnt know if I was really talented or if I just wanted it for the fantasy.

How did you find working with Nelly Karim?

Working with Nelly Karim was such a blessing and inspiration to me.

What type of music/movies do you enjoy?

I dont have a specific favourite genre that I enjoy the most. I respect any good work of art in both music and cinema.

You only have one experience as a director, would you do it again or would you rather pursue a career in acting?

I would definitely do it again. I have a lot of interests and passions; whenever I feel like doing something I do it immediately to fulfil my passion.

Why the switch from Political Science to Mass Communication?

It had nothing to do with me loving politics any less. When I switched to Mass Communication, I participated in a lot of activities related to politics and every paper I submitted I tried to make politics related as much as possible.

What are you passionate about?

Beauty! The word itself is applicable on many things. It is infinite.

Tell me about your experience with MUN (Model United Nations)?

Anyone who is a MUNer holds a special place in my heart. I totally loved the experience! I learned a lot from my colleagues and I was happy taking the delegators award for being a delegate in the Security Council.

Talk to us about your coffee addiction.

Hahaha, where did you do your research? I am not used to coffee, tea or any caffeinated drinks. You can tell if I drink coffee, I immediately suffer from fast heartbeats and I become very hyper and crazy, as if I drank 10 energy drinks or something.

Tell us about your new movie Men 30 Sana (30 Years Ago).

Well, were still talking. I didnt sign anything yet. Were still in the early preparation phase.

Do you think that discussing taboo topics such as addiction in art will help deliver the message to the target audience?

I dont know if they are going to embrace it more than before or not, but they could embrace it as a fact. I dont care if they embrace it more, I just care that they embrace it.

How do you feel about your first movie experience in such a buzz worthy movie like

I am so excited to be part of such an amazing experience. Working with all those superstars and talented director like Hadi El Bagoury makes me very motivated to deliver my character the best way possible.

What can you tell us about your role?

Thats a surprise I cant reveal yet!

By Mai Samiry