December ‘14
Insight Interview

December ‘14
Tamer Ashour
Tamer Ashour


After three years away from the music field, Tamer Ashour returns strongly with his fourth hit album 'Esht Maak Hekayat'. Insight met the talented singer who unleashed all the bits and pieces of his newest hit album, the reason for his long break, and his up and coming projects.

You produced your latest album, was the experience difficult or liberating?

Of course it was way liberating however signing with 'Alam Alfan' and 'Mazzika' I had the same amount of freedom as they supported my choices due to their huge confidence on the artists they work with. At 'Mazikka' and 'Alam Alfan' the principle of control does not exist, I only produced for myself in a certain stage and then they continued with the final stages of the process.

Were your problems with 'Rotana' the main reason you didn't release your album for more than three years?

My problems with Rotana are bygone stories now, I won't deny that it was one of the reasons my album was delayed but mainly I had to finish my recruitment period at the army before I started preparing for my album.

You are famous for your dramatic and sad songs, yet your Album only contain three of that genre don't you consider that a risk?

I think having three melodramatic songs is a good percentage in an album that contains a wide collection that meets every style and taste.

Your new album witnesses your first collaboration with Amr Moustafa. How can you describe this collaboration especially that you both started as composers and are now singers?

Amr Moustafa is a superstar. It's a huge addition for me to work with such a huge talent who has a larger history and larger experince. But in my opinion the era of competitions ended and only good work imposes itself.

Why did you take so much time to prepare for your new album?

My latest Album 'Lya Nazra' was released in 2011, after that the entire Arab world lived a lot of struggles and ups and downs on the political level. Then I had the army service and after ending my recruitment period I started preparing for the album immediately. But I promise my fans my next album will be ready in a shorter period of time.

You composed some of your own songs in this album as you did in your previous one. Can you progress an album without your own compositions in it?

Yes it is very likely that my coming album doesn't have any of my tunes as long as I work with a group of professional who will add to me.

You worked for the first time as a distributer in 'Beraghm Alzerouf' for Elissa, why didn't you distribute any of your own songs?

I am not accustomed to distribution because it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of commitments. Elissa was the one who insisted that I do the distribution for 'Beraghm Alzerouf', which I composed as well. But I think it will be harder to distribute my own songs.

You sang a lot of TV intros and national songs. Do you think that these types live more because they are tied to series we love?

There is no doubt that these songs live longer, but they don't affect the artist's presence at all.

The first release of your Album was sold out in a few days. Do you think sales are affected by by piracy and the internet?

My real success is when my album is sung by my fans. Sales and viewership are part of that success as well. When it comes to piracy, some companies know how to fight back, they have sufficient control over their songs, their songs exist in their official channels and what they are doing is significantly reducing piracy.


That's true, we wanted to bind both clips together with the same idea and the story will be continued in my new clip 'Esht Ma'ak Hekayat'.


'Esht Ma'ak Hekayat' touched my heart with its sentimental and beautiful lyrics, as well as 'Giet Ala Karamty' as singing from a female point of view was really interesting.

By Shaimaa Elhwity