March ‘13
Insight Interview

March ‘13
Super Mamas: Caroline Simolian
Super Mamas: Caroline Simolian


If you could have one super power. What would it be?

The ability to exist physically in 3 places at the same time.

3 Things you should never say to your kids'¦

1-I am not proud of you

What do you do as a mother that other mothers shouldn't do?

Very embarrassing question, I sometimes hug and kiss my youngest more than my eldest son, since I feel maybe he needs me more, which is wrong. You should be always fair and equal.

What have you learned from your mom that you can pass on to your child?


What was your mother right about?


In what way did motherhood surprise you?

Nothing, I was well prepared for motherhood, since my mum was the most giving mum. The only thing that surprised me is the quantity of sacrifices a mum should make.

What has been the most difficult part of being a mom?

To stop being selfish!! Always prioritizing your kids rather than yourself'¦ I have 2 sons, so I guess the most difficult part is that once they are teenagers and they feel they no longer need their mum, or they have a girlfriend or wife and I become secondary (I would be JEALOUS as hell!)

What is the most rewarding part of this experience?

THE LOVE I GET FROM THEM!!! Oh my god! The more you give the more you get UNCONDITIONALLY

As time passes, are things getting easier or more challenging as a mom?

Well you think that the older they get the easier it would be'¦ NO BABE '˜º challenges keeps showing up.

What are the most important things you have learned from having a child?

I have learned that I am not perfect, and I am forming a person's personality, so I learned to try and be a good example cause I became a role model for a small kid that looks up to me.

Do you have a support system in the house (Nanny, mother, husband)?

I am blessed for my MUM.. she is my ROCK, she adores my kids and they adore her. The funniest thing is that I never had a nanny'¦ and now when my kids are grown up I just got one few months ago, just for cleaning and helping around.

How important is it for moms nowadays to have a life and an identity outside of their families beyond 'mommy' or even 'wife'?

VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT, always have your own identity, after all, kids will grow up, they will lead their own life, and you will be by yourself. So yes be a giving mum, but always have your work, your time, your friends and never give up on those things.

How do you juggle your fitness and being a mom?

I play tennis early in the morning, or I run after my kids '˜º which is the best kind of jogging ever.

What do you do to de-stress?

Massages.. go to a movie'¦ hang out with my best friend Magy she de-stresses me and always knows how to put a smile on my face, she makes my life easier.

Now that you're a mother, what advice would you give your teenage self, if you could go back in time?

Appreciate my mum, and stop saying 'uffffff she is over reacting', or 'she is over protective'.

What influenced your decision to work/stay at home?

I stayed home four years for my kids'¦ and then I went back to work, cause as I said before, you have to have your own identity, your personality, shine in something you like to do'¦ Believe me, a successful businesswoman makes her kids proud of her'¦ Kids will grow and have their own thing to do, you won't feel they need you as much, so you will end up shallow and empty. So work makes me feel confident and happy.

What advice would you give to a parent who is struggling with the decision to work or stay home?

GO TO WORK'¦ try to balance between the two and YES YOU CAN. Once your kids are at nursery or school, they come back at 4 pm so you have all morning to try and do something useful for yourself.

Keep calm, I hate shouting, I would never hit my kids, so I make TIME OUT, or I tell them 'Mummy is no more talking to you, mummy is sad' (for them it's the biggest punishment, they would tell me 'sorrryyyyy mum, punish us, but please talk to us, we want you happy')