October ‘18
On red carpet events and upcoming plans

October ‘18
Subhy Otry
Subhy Otry


Following our July interview with the renowned media icon, Subhy Otry, a lot has become the talk of the town; namely El Gouna Film Festival’s second edition, which has left us with plenty to admire and look forward to the coming years. Among the notable TV presenters that covered the highly anticipated event was Subhy Otry. The international host evaluates the event, tells us what he’s up to and drops some advice for dreamers.

A message to all fame speakers and movie lovers…

Do not make fame your goal. Fame is just a sideline of your success in your career. People who only want fame eventually become too conceited. Stay down to Earth, and work on self-improvement.

What is your golden rule to success?

My golden advice for dreamers who wish to succeed is to remember that what goes around comes around when they’re on their journey.

What are three qualities you admire?

Modesty, good manners and punctuality.

What are three things you cannot tolerate?

Lying, hypocrisy and arrivism.

Will you name three celebrities who

inspire you?

Yousra, Mahmoud Hemeida and Jimmy Fallon.

Aside from the festival, what are you working on right now? What’s your next destination after Cairo?

I’ve recently made it to Cairo. I have a few interviews lined up with notable

celebrities, among whom are Mohamed Ramadan and Mohamed Henedy. I’m just going to meet them before I fly back to Dubai.

Where you’re going to see me next will probably be the Carthage Film Festival and the Marrakech International Film Festival, followed by the Cairo International Film Festival.

On a scale of one to ten, and in comparison to other international festivals, how do you rate GFF?

If I rate it out of a ten, I would give it a seven because it’s still new and growing.

Are you able to enjoy the festival when you’re on the red carpet, or are you too busy interviewing for Trending?

I have been working in media for ten years. I always cover red carpet events, but I’ve never been able to enjoy myself as a guest because I’m constantly working, of course. But there have been a few times that I managed to enjoy myself. I always wish I could be received as a guest for just a bit before I begin interviewing celebrities. But I love working on the red carpet, it really spikes up my adrenaline because there’s just a lot of action, movement and laughter. And most of the celebrities I meet are my friends, so it’s always fun!

What do you see for the future of GFF?

I can say in all honesty that I see a bright future for El Gouna Film Festival. It managed to grow an excellent reputation in such little time. I believe in the next few years, they will focus more on the content of the screenings in the festival, as well as the discussions held, the workshops and the educational activities. I can see them creating more ideas for activities that suit the atmosphere of cinema and tourism in Gouna.

How do you evaluate this year’s edition of GFF vis-à-vis last year’s?

Compared to what I have seen of it last year, I definitely see noticeable growth. They have successfully avoided some of the mistakes they have made last year. Generally, this year’s edition was much more organised, and I believe the fine weather has also complemented the overall feel of the event. You can see they have much more experience in the field as well, and how they can employ this event as a means to flourish tourism in Gouna as well as a way to appreciate the beauty of cinema.