June ‘16
The Glamorous Hostess To The Mostess

June ‘16
Sherine Hamdy
Sherine Hamdy


Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Get ready for Season 2 of ‘Ana Wi Heya’ after Eid. We’re taking it to a whole new level with a lot of surprises. It’ll be different than Season 1. We really hope you’ll like it, as we’re working really hard on it these days, so stay tuned! 

What are 3 products do you love the most for this summer season? (In Technology, Perfume, and Cars)

I’m in love with Victoria’s Secret’s Bombshell perfume. It’s my favourite thing in the summer. Other than that, I’m neither into technology nor cars. 

If stranded on an island what are 3 items you must have?

In a perfect world, if I could really choose: My phone, WIFI and suncreen!

What are 3 things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

You’d be surprised they’re not very girly: Dettol wipes! And not just any wipes; they must Dettol! A pen and a paper definitely! And my house keys, but this one is normal, right? Also my wallet. I cannot go outside without these things! 

Are you part taking in any TV series/radio/ program this Ramadan?

No, but that’s because I’ll be very busy soon preparing for ‘Ana Wi Heya’ Season 2 with my ‘Tayarah’ team!!

Do you ever watch your own work?

Yes I do, but that’s because I’m very critical of myself and I’m eager to watch very closely and pay attention to the details so as to look for improvement areas and how I can develop my show and myself. I also love to hear people’s opinions about it.

What are the “Musalsalat” that you are addicted to in Ramadan?

The way I see it, and as much as I love series and watching TV in general, I think it tends to get too addictive in Ramadan. The spiritual part of Ramadan is the most important. So wanting to have time for my family, friends AND fulfilling my spiritual needs makes following a certain series very stressful. Last year, I did not watch any series and I’m planning to follow just one or two this year. If that happens, then they would definitely be Nelly Kareem’s or Ghada Abdel Razek’s; no doubt. 

What are the foods and beverages that you cannot enjoy Ramadan without?

Definitely Hibiscus, Sahlab, nuts and sweets in general, and specifically Balah el Shaam (Tulumba). I have a sweet tooth, so I naturally love Ramadan desserts. 

Do you prefer cooking or dining out? (Iftar/ Sohour)

Everybody loves homemade food and I love to cook as well, but I also love being around people as I mentioned earlier, so I’m always looking for somewhere to eat just to gather with the people I love. I’m definitely always excited to discover a new breathtaking place to have Iftar at, unlike a lot of people. So I love eating at home with family but because I try to be around people as often as I can, I’m always up for dining out. It’s all about the gatherings! 

What are the Ramadan traditions that you love the most?

Definitely the spiritual part of Ramadan. The mood is quite different. The clothes, the less gossiping, the guilt when you do something immoral. Basically people are just nicer –but after Iftar not before ;)- Though, it’s a pity that it’s just during this one month of the year. I wish that it would be the case all year around. I also love how friends and family gather at every chance. I’m sure God meant that we would all get together during this holy month. I’m a very people’s person, so I love the fact that I get to see everyone and I just love that spirit!

How do you prepare for Ramadan?

I usually like to decorate the house to get in the mood of Ramadan. Taking care of all the shopping traditions, and getting everything I need ready. I’m usually a person that likes to prepare for everything in advance. Like when my friends or family come over, I get very excited and take time to prepare the menu or places I’d like to dine at. I’m usually obsessed with food a little bit during Ramadan and I –definitely- gain weight. Although I know Ramadan is not that shallow, but these are the rituals I usually do before Ramadan.