June ‘16
The Voice, The Face And The Soul That Mend Hearts

June ‘16
Sherif Noureldin
Sherif Noureldin


What are the “Musalsalat” that you are addicted to in Ramadan?

Well, my mum watches Adel Emam’s series so it’s obligatory in the house during Ramadan. Then, I do my best to watch the work of my friends and colleagues in the industry. And especially this year there are a lot of them who have worked on Ramadan shows and series; so I always give that a priority. Other than that, I like to check the talk of the town during the month, because it’s important to know what attracts the people and why it does. 


Anything you would like to share with our readers.

That one should try to make the best out of Ramadan, especially our generation. It’s the time and the chance to show the good side of you! It’s actually the only season where you can do good things without feeling awkward or shy! Use this chance, be the good you, pick up the phone, call someone and tell them how much you love them or go visit a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a long time. They won’t even be surprised because it’s the time! It is okay to be corky! Why not be corky?! 

If stranded on an island what are 3 items you must have?

Books, -and I say books because I can’t stick to one single book. I love to have options and I even sometimes bounce from one book to another. Actually right now I am reading three books at the same time and they’re all taking different approaches. The second thing is music, and the third: My running shoes! 

What are 3 things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

My phone, my phone’s charger, and my wallet! And you’ll actually laugh if you know why I need my wallet with me all the time. It’s not the money that I worry about, it’s a card I took from a shop in London that has my right shirt measurements on it. I’m afraid to lose my wallet because of this card! I swear; it’s actually very useful! 

Are you part taking in any special show this Ramadan?

Yes! Well, last year I did an entertainment show called “Yabakhtak”  (You’re Lucky) with a well-known cupcake company, and this year I am hosting “Ashkorak” (Thank you) that features inspiring stories of people who’ve been through catastrophes in their life, yet turned out to be very successful and happy. It’s not the usual gloomy and miserable series, it’s rather very refreshing and inspirational. It is meant to raise awareness to charity and to the positive mindset of these people. 

Do you ever watch/ listen to your own work?

NEVER! I hate to! It feels so awkward and I always spot the mistakes I did and focus on the negatives so I usually try to avoid that. Though, I love hearing others’ opinions and comments on my work. This is how I learn and improve my performance. 

What are the foods and beverages that you cannot enjoy Ramadan without?

Amar El Din! I LOVE IT! And desserts all the way, whether it be Berry Yogurt Cake, qatayef, and anything with Mango. Basically everything that is oriental. 

Do you prefer cooking or dining out? (Iftar/ Sohour)

Iftar AT HOME!! I would do anything to stay home for Iftar. On my couch, with my cup of coffee and with my family! The most over the top thing I can go for is a small and relaxing gathering at someone’s place. I sometimes have no other option than going out for Iftar, but I do my best to enjoy this time at home. Though, as for Sohoor I’m all over the place! 

How do you prepare for Ramadan?

It’s just like Thanaweya Amma! It needs A LOT of preparations for the big test! Yes, it is a big test. The whole year revolves around this and I’m always waiting for the big day; the first day of Ramadan. Other than work, I have to prepare my schedule for this month.