February ‘16
Sharmoofers in The house

February ‘16


They have taken Egypt by storm and they plan to take over the world. Their music is unique, hip and different. It is what everyone is listening to now.

First of all tell me how did you all meet?

Bahaa: Mea and Moe  have been friends for a very long time. The first time we met was at a Cairokee rehearsal. At that time I was playing the percussion; that was about 12 years ago, then we met again in front of the Jazz Club and at that time Moe used to play drums in many bands. He was well known because he was much younger than his band mates by over ten years or so; he was like 13. We played for four years together before establishing Sharmoofers. At that time we were together in a band called The Percussion Show.

Do you believe that your songs are some sort of musical comedy?

Bahaa: Yes, we are a sarcastic comedic band; this is how we stared the whole thing, just joking and kidding around with our lyrics. Our music is about things we see, things we talk about and things that happened to us, but in a funny way. In addition to that we add some fantasia by playing with lyrics, and the audience translates the meaning of ‘ezamblajay’s’ in their own way so it forms a source of interest.

Tell me about Mr Sharmoofer?

Moe: The Great?

Bahaa: He is a character our friend Abdullah Sabry drew in Moe’s room; we were Sharmoofers so we called him Mr. Sharmoofer. Most of our music is about him, he is the Egyptian character that thinks he is the best and coolest but in reality he really isn’t.

Moe: But between himself he really believes he is the man.

What does music mean to you?

Moe: Music is my life, it is what we do, there is not much to say, whatever I am doing: Eating, sleeping, driving, showering- I am listening to music.

How do you categorize your music?

Bahaa: We perform world music. We integrate several genres like reggae, funk, and reggaeton…

Moe(cuts in): Dance and oriental.

Bahaa (continues): So several genres, even if we play a reggae track it might include Indian percussion, if we play          a punk track it might include oriental drums, so it’s a mix.

Moe: But it is not oriental jazz- it is world music.

By Mai Samiry