November ‘14
Insight Interview

November ‘14
Shamekh Albluwi's
Shamekh Albluwi's


Shamekh Albluwi's illustrations are a source of inspiration to a lot of fashion lovers. With his impeccable vision and sharp eye to details, he brings life to every illustration he creates, taking us to a surreal world of glamour, elegance and everlasting fairytales.

You're an Architect, Fashion Illustrator and Visual Artist, which is the closest to your heart and why?

Each one of the three compliments the other since they are all based on the human body and its surroundings, which led me to my current style in illustration and the way I view art.

When did you discover your passion for fashion illustration?

It started around the age of 10 or 11, I used to sketch characters inspired by the 90s pop culture at that time.

What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Shamekh Albluwi, I was born in Amman- Jordan to a Saudi father and Jordanian mother. I studied Architectural Engineering at the Applied Science University, Amman-Jordan. I have a passion for fashion illustration and my main inspiration comes from contradictions, nature, architecture and insects. My favorite visual artists are Frida Kahlo and James Jean; my art is inspired by my favorite fashion designers, Christian Lacroix and Calvin Klein. You can call me an optimist with a sharp eye to details.

How do you manage to translate your feelings in your work?

I always start by research, It's my favorite part of the process, I get inspired by other artists and designers, postures, new techniques, textures and nature, then I sketch the inspiration and start illustrating.

When are you in the mood to draw?

Drawing is my passion, and I can't but draw all the time, even If I don't have anything to draw with, I start drawing in my head. Since I started my instagram account, I made a promise to myself to have 3 hours everyday for inspiration and illustration, even If I have deadlines, this process I find liberating and inspiring, as well as humbling after posting the illustration and witnessing the amount of support and encouragement I receive everyday, It fills me with gratitude.

Which piece you created is the closest to your heart and why?

I did an Illustration inspired by the Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2014 RTW collection, the show seemed like a dark fairytale of a warrior, that's why I made the model riding on a horse skeleton, I like it when a collection has a strong narrative story.

If you get to choose to live in a different era, when would you choose to live and why?

The Victorian Era, as it was full of various lifestyle activities that were quite interesting. The architecture, fashion silhouettes and jewelry were outstanding, also the fact that there was no technology and people had to directly communicate with each other makes it quite unique for me, and there was certainly inspiration everywhere, especially within the small details.

How did you create the illustration for the entire characters of 'My Bucket of Ice Cream'?

Luci who writes 'My Bucket of IceCream' is collaboration between and myself. She started writing by the beginning of 2013 discussing many issues people face on daily basis. Once I receive her weekly story, I try to capture her character through illustration as well as capturing the readers' imagination, each week has to be different than the one before and focusing on a different element we'd like to deliver to the readers.

What's the hardest thing about painting the same characters more than once?

Maintaining the essence of the character as well as keeping it fresh, exciting and different each time.

What's next for Shamekh?

I'm planning to open up my own design house branching out into two areas I'm very passionate about. The first would be designing garments and the second would include architecture.

The best painting is...Nature.

By Rania Ihab