July ‘16
Co-Founder of Event Republic

July ‘16
Sebastien Moros
Sebastien Moros


Sebastien Moros is the founder of one of the best entertainment providers in Egypt; ‘Event Republic’. His ‘School Disco’ and ‘In The City’ have kept the party animals shaking their butts off all night. He’s fully cognizant of what the nightlifers want and surely surpasses their expectations every event.

If stranded on an island what are three items you must have?

All I need is my Kindle! Yes, I’m a geek.  

In your opinion what’s Egypt’s nightlife missing today?

A little touch of glamour. 

What’s new this summeR?

A lot, I expect ( as with every summer) and we’re excited about it!  Stay tuned for our summer party announcements.  

Three things that must be in your bag or car at all times…

My Ray Bans; I go blind in the hot Egyptian sun without them. Music; I would have said ipod a few years back but now with Sound Cloud and Spotify on my phone, the way we listen to music has drastically changed. My Macbook; AKA my life. 

Tell us about yourself and your organization/ company.

‘Event Republic’ was founded in 2009 by Waseem El Tanahi and I in an attempt to bring simple, unpretentious events to the Cairene nightlife scene. With a rich background in advertising from Waseem’s side as owner of sister company ‘Media Republic’, ‘Cairo 360’, ‘Cairo Gossip’, and vast experience in production on my side as managing director in a plexiglass industry, the partnership made sense from the get go. With time, and experience, our focus has expanded not only to include nightlife, but also corporate events as we have seen the demand for these increase in the past couple of years. 

Give us a brief about your previous most famous events/projects.

‘School Disco’ was our very first event under ‘Event Republic’ and it’s a project we’ve always had at heart. It is what got us started in the event field and pushed us to open a fully fledged agency. Indeed, it started off as a simple charity event for a few friends and ended up being a 1000+ strong recurring event with celebrity guests such as ‘Snap!’. 
Our ‘In the City’ series was also one of our longest running events.  ‘In The City’ is a seasonal event that takes place on the rooftop of Fairmont Nile City, and last year we teamed up with hot product and interior designer Peter Matta, the man behind Beit Matta. We now do as many events for the Prime Minister, governors, and ambassadors as we do parties but parties are still the most exhilarating. 

How do you manage to stay on top?

I would say three things are at the core of our business: ‘The Event Republic’ family (and the office camaraderie that comes with it), our commitment to professionalism, and personal relationships. 

What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

I think what has kept us on top thus far is our professionalism. All of our resources are in house (dedicated creative team, projects department and operations department) and we never work with freelancers. We feel that trust between the agency and the client is essential and we achieve this trust by being consistent and reliable, and we can’t do that without the ER family. 

What’s your philosophy?

Break everything into smallest parts, and this applies to everything. In events, when you start looking at the enormity of the tasks that need to be accomplished for the project to be impeccable, you will start to feel overwhelmed. Which is why we always break down each event into smaller, easily achievable parts. It helps keep you sane, and it makes sure everything turns out meticulously immaculate. 

What trends are emerging in the nightlife scene lately?

Well, it’s less concerning a “scene” and it’s more about the music.  As the country is getting more into electronic music, you have to bring in the best of the best talent to keep people in party mode. 

How do you reinvent your identity?

I would say it usually stems from a need to reinvent yourself, and therefore should come naturally. Heavy emphasis on the “should”…We just listen to what people want, and more often than not, doing so begets more ideas of how to deliver bigger and better entertainment every single time. 

How has nightlife in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?

In the past couple of years, I feel there has been a trend towards creating a series of events with a brand behind it rather than simplistic parties. There is more thought and planning behind each event, which all means Egypt is getting better at partying!

What are three products do you love the most for this summer season? 

For technology, I love the Apple TV! I have not worn cologne since I was 12.  I hear Old Spice is still kicking around town though! And I tend to try and spend as little time as possible in my car… but if I have to, dune bashing in my Toyota is the way to go. 

Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Travel as much as you can, and as far as you can. Unless you’re part of ‘Event Republic’, then please do the opposite.