September ‘15
Insight Interview

September ‘15
Sally Abdelsalam
Sally Abdelsalam


Where do you dig for inspiration?

I dig for inspiration in stories that include success after failure like Operah Winfrey's and Messi's and those legends who had experienced a lot in life till they reached what they want.

What's your message for those following your footsteps?

Be a FIGHTER! Believe in yourself! Please do! Fight for your dream and stop being weak! Stop giving excuses! Don't ever be a loser because you are the hero of your on dream.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a Radio Hostess who is deeply passionate about what I do. My job is my life and I won't sacrifice it for anything because I totally believe in what I do and I make my parents proud of me.

How did you discover your passion for what you do?

I was as that child who always had a mic in hand to host every moment in life, or in front of the mirror with a perfume bottle and asked my folks to film me staring moments too. Even at high school and university, I used to host the annual events, even I was declined I used to do it anyway! Also at class between lessons I used to announce whatever as we if we are at the airport. I was crazy and they still remember me for it.

How did your journey with the radio begin?

As it's normal among Egyptian families, you are always forced to study anything away from your dream. I studied International Business at the Canadian University in Cairo, and then I worked in the automotive field. I did a career shift after participating in a Competition at a Egypt's No.1 Radio Channel and was rejected. I was very disappointed but that didn't stop me. I took a TV presenting and Voice Coaching Diploma at the AUC. Then I started to seek a lot of radio stations, a lot of disappointments and failures and we don't need hosts till I reached my dream.

What would you consider the best moment of your career till now?

If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

I would have concentrated on creating a legend! Haha! Honestly, I would have never gained weight because of depression. I hated being a fat desperate person studying business to satisfy my beloved parents! I would have studied for my dream career and lost all the weight and depression!

What are the hardest obstacles you face in your career?

Having a lot of fake people around as it happens in every field, but what annoys me the most in my career is the way people judge me on everything I do even my personal life! I am human, I do a lot of mistakes and I will keep doing! I don't want to be an idol if the cost is my happiness.

Beside your bubbly character and outgoing personality what are your ingredients for success as a host?

Be who you are. Love and be loved. Heal to be healed, people never forget love, make them laugh out loud at their hard times and weak moments and it will be over! Deliver the lesson without leaving a scar! Don't fake it because they will know when you do!

What are your upcoming projects? Any TV plans?

Hopefully. I wish to make a right choice in this TV issue ;) I dream to host the Oscars one day and I will keep dreaming big till I do it! Rem people after laughing, that's something I'd defiantly do! I am a crazy fighter and I know it!