November ‘14
Insight Interview

November ‘14
Rima Fakih
Rima Fakih


She won't let anything drag her down of her pass to success. She deals with all the controversies that surround her with beauty and grace. She knows what she wants and how to reach it and that's what makes her Rima Fakih.

What's next for Rima Fakih?

I have my own TV show coming out in a few months following with the release of my book. I will top that all of with my own feature film.

My number one beauty rule is keep your head up.

You grew up as a tomboy, what attracted you to the pageants world?

I grew up a tomboy but in my heart, just like every girl, I wanted to be a princess. I never believed I could be beautiful and wear big beautiful gowns. My mother helped me see my true potential and so I went for the gold.

What does it feel to be the first Arab-American to hold the Miss USA title?

It is a true honor to be the first Arab-Muslim Miss USA. I am proud of who I am and will continue to break barriers.

What did the whole experience add to Rima Fakih?

The whole experience has been life changing and a big responsibility. I still stop and remind myself of what I have accomplished. However with great power comes great responsibility and that is very serious.

As an Ambassador for Arabs and Muslims in America, what would you like to be remembered for?

I would like Arabs and Muslims to remember me for being fearless and for speaking up about my religion and ethnicity. My father always says 'you don't know who you are till you know where you came from.'

Did you ever face any struggles with your double identities?

I don't have double identities; I am just Rima Fakih.

How did you feel the moment you were crowned Miss USA back in 2010?

The night I was crowned Miss USA I was numb. After the struggle of having no sponsors and no one but family who believed in me, I had won. It was so much to take in but I knew I deserved it more than anyone. Be your own believer first!

Then comes your WWE gig, what could ever attract a beauty queen to join the WWE?

I grew up being a wrestling fan; also I was the first beauty queen to offer free self-defence courses women. WWE just fit right in!

What changed in your life after becoming Miss USA?

My life changed completely after winning Miss USA. It was not easy to see everyone change towards you. I didn't like it at first but I realized that it was just everyone's true colors coming out and all I had was my family. I was so happy to be the queen and I wasn't going to let anyone take that from me.

How do you spend your day if you're not working?

If I'm not working I like to wake up and go running with my pitbull on the beach. Then I FaceTime with my mom and dad. I then prepare breakfast and lunch to make sure I don't cheat on my diet. I end up dancing and responding to my over 1k unread emails and end my day by finishing my biography that I am releasing in 2015.

How do you deal with the false accusations and unpleasant rumors that surround you all the time?

I deal with false accusations and unpleasant rumors by celebrating. Because if some are taking time out of their day to hate on me that means I am doing it right!!!

By Rania Ihab