November ‘16
Educate Me

November ‘16
Redefining Education in Egypt
Redefining Education in Egypt


What can you tell us about your organization? 

Educate Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation that aspires to reformulate education in Egypt. Founded seven years ago, it started as a fundraising initiative to reinstate underprivileged children financially in schools. However, realizing that sending children to schools does not guarantee their education as most students attending Egyptian public schools end up graduating functionally illiterate and unable to cope with current and future challenges, Educate Me started developing its own learner-centered skill-based educational model that works on developing children’s 21st century skills and value systems. Believing that equipping children with such skills and values would enable them to graduate self-actualized individuals who are aware of their beliefs, capabilities and resources and capable of aspiring to and achieving their dreams.

How does Educate Me plan to synthesize those plans?

We’re launching preschools and primary-stage Community schools in underprivileged neighborhoods, which are certified by the ministry of education. In these schools and along with learning Arabic, English, math and science based on the Egyptian national educational standards, the children also develop 21st century skills (such as creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and productivity); through activities and projects that they participate in. They also develop a strong value-system that promotes their care and respect for others, their capacity to make responsible choices and persevere towards achieving their objectives as well as preserving their resources and environments. 

You said children will be able to develop 21st century skills, how do you plan to achieve that? 

Educate Me delivers year-long learning journeys in public schools to improve the capacities of teachers, school administrators, activity teachers and social psychology specialists in managing children’s behavior, understanding their growth and development, and understanding what they can do to equip them with 21st century skills through their teaching methods. 

What can you tell us about your progress so far? 

Educate Me has so far developed one community school in Talbeya, an under-served neighborhood in Giza. Lack of any formal infrastructure, water or sewage systems, massive amounts of garbage in the area, very low average family income and high illiteracy rates are among the problems that Talbeya inhabitants suffer from, nonetheless, Educate Me’s community school and preschool provide a safe and positive environment for the 180 children currently enrolled in them to grow and learn within. Moreover, Educate Me’s community school is completely run by staff and facilitators from the local communities who are trained and developed to deliver learning to the children. 

How does the organization help develop local communities? 

Educate me closes the loop of child development by working closely with the parents through literacy classes, nutrition awareness, hygiene awareness and parental awareness to ensure that they are capable of providing the children with healthy home environments.

What makes Educate Me’s teachers different? 

We train and develop public school staff and teachers in order to transform public schools into dream schools where children can learn and grow in safe and healthy way and can get impactful learning experiences in their classrooms. So far, Educate Me’s professional development arm has trained over 300 teachers from different public and private schools in Cairo and Giza and in the upcoming academic year, Educate Me will be expanding through training 2500 school teachers and staff member from 83 public schools in five governorates including Cairo, Giza, Sohag, Fayoum and Luxor. 

What is the main goal that your organization aspires to achieve? 

Educate Me’s dream is to impact the lives of the 18 million students currently enrolled in the public educational system in Egypt and help them acquire the skills they need to flourish in today’s ever-changing world through transforming their teachers and schools.