March ‘16
A Scoop with Raya Abirached

March ‘16
Raya Abirached
Raya Abirached


Lebanese Broadcaster Raya Abi-Rached is the real deal! She always maintains an honest take on her career scoops! She is the woman we all envy for living the dream... yet we canít help but adore her for her simplicity, elegance and honesty!

How does it feel doing your favourite hobby for a living?

Extremely amazing! I never lose track of how lucky I am to be doing what I do as a passion and as a job. I never stopped loving movies, the best time of my life is always to go watch a great movie in the cinema so it’s really a blessing and I never take it for granted!

What do you think is the secret behind the huge success of ‘Scoop’?

I think it is the fact that it is bringing to the Middle East something that does not exist anywhere else. We have access to A-list movie stars on a weekly basis and it’s what the viewers look forward to seeing every episode! I also think that the very spontaneous organic nature of the show appeals to the viewers, they don’t feel like it’s an accessible kind of thing, they really feel through the fact that the show is very natural as if they’re sitting with the stars. It gives it a more personal feel than other shows.

What do you consider the highlight of your career?

Talking about the highlight of a career is like talking about a favourite film, there is never just one. I was so excited in 2000 for it was my first year covering the Oscars. The success of ‘Arabs Got Talent’ was a big highlight for me as well; it was a different experience for me after years of covering only Hollywood stars...

Being an idol for so many young girls, how do you deal with such responsibility?

I feel so honoured when they come to me and they tell me that. It’s so nice to feel like you’re a role model to young girls, I do always tell them that it never comes easy and that they have to study and know what they want, they have to follow their passions and they have to be motivated. They shouldn’t think that things in life come easy and they don’t have to work hard. Now with the presence of social media girls want to be famous in two seconds, I don’t believe in the “15 minute of fame” kind of thing. My motto in life is that you have to earn it as good things come to those who wait and persevere. I love sharing advice with young girls and I am proud of young girls who are motivated by professional work!

What are the most important lessons you learned in your career?

The most important lesson I learned in my career and my life is to be more patient, although I believe in endurance and hard work and all these things. When things don’t go my way, that makes me a little bit anxious. I have learned throughout my career that there will be ups and downs and that taught me to be more patient.

Where does your confidence come from?

My confidence comes from the fact that I never try to be someone that I am not! It is easy to be confident when you know you’re yourself! I look like myself; I feel like myself, I speak like myself and I am not a different person on TV. Confidence comes from the fact that you’ve worked hard at what you do and as film journalist, for instance, I know what I am talking about. This doesn’t mean I am over confident, it just means I am realistic about what I can bring!

By Rania Ihab