December ‘14
Insight Interview

December ‘14
Rania Mansour
Rania Mansour


Rania Mansour's angel like face and lively spirit mark her as one of the prominent faces of our time. She doesn't savour constant presence; instead she likes to choose wisely and thoughtfully to fulfill her passionate cravings for acting!

What are your coming projects?

I finished filming my role with Eyad Nasar and director Ahmed Khaled in their new TV series, where I am only a guest in one episode. Currently I am preparing for a new series for next Ramadan, it's a new role for me, I've never done anything like it before but I promise it is going to be a surprise.

On what basis do you choose your roles?

First I read the script of course, I try not to repeat myself and only pick new roles that will add to me. It's also very important for me to enjoy the role I am doing. At the end it's a package, because even if the scenario is well written and the role is interesting the work won't be complete without a talented director who has a good vision. I am still at the beginning of my career and I need to work with professionals who can guide me and teach me through their experiences. Also working with a good photographing manager, good actors, and a good production company. Generally speaking, it is important to choose according to the people you are working with because you are not going to work alone.

Away from the spotlights, how do you spend your time?

If I am not working, I mostly spend my time with my four-year-old daughter. I also like to read and hangout with my friends, but I try to give my daughter the priority because I spend lots of time away from her when I am filming, so I try to give her all my time and attention as much as I can when I am free.

Who do you wish to work with?

I wish to work with a lot of directors like, Kamla Abu Zekry, Tamer Mohsen and Mohamed Amin, either as a director or scriptwriter, and Khalid Mar'y. I would love to work with superstars like Ahmed Elsakka, Menna Shalaby and Hend Sabry.

Do you dream of international fame and recognition?

Of course, who doesn't dream of being globally known, but it's a hard step at the moment, specially that I still have a lot to offer as an actress in Egypt, before I start thinking about global recognition.

How do you evaluate yourself now?

I think I've reached a very good level. I have made good movies and TV series and worked with huge names. I am happy that people like me. Yet I am very ambitious, there are a lot of roles that I dream to do, as I believe I still have a lot to offer.

How did your journey in the business begin?

I have been in love with acting since I was a kid and used to perform in school plays. I intended to become a professional actress so I studied theatre at the faculty of Arts. After graduation, I started doing advertisements, at the same time was following up with castings held for TV series and movies. The first role I've ever played was in a series called 'Kelmet Haa' with Mervat Amin and the same year I did another series called 'Tayra Wara'. The next year I did 'Karima Karima' for which I was granted an award as best rising actress for my role in it.

Which role you performed is the closest to your heart and why?

I don't think I've done it yet. I love all my roles, and I really enjoyed my roles in 'Karima Karima' and 'Helm Aziz' even though I am not a comedienne. Yes, I loved making comedies, yet I don't want to be labelled as a comedian, I want to be remembered for a variety of different roles.

You are constantly compared to the legendary Nelly does that thing pressure you?

Nelly is a beautiful artist and it pleases me a lot when someone tells me I look like her. But I think my personality is very different from hers and that's why I am not worried about that comparison. She has a great sense of humour with dancing, singing and acting talents. If I could do half the things she does I would be really happy.

You are one of the prominent faces of our time, yet your choices are so limited, why?

I am very grateful for all the things I did, but I prefer not to appear much because many of the roles I am offered do not suit me at all, either because of the nature of the role or because I don't feel the character and sometimes because I am not comfortable working with the crew. I want to enjoy what I am doing. I love acting, I don't want just to do a role for the sake of it, and for the sake of appearance, I want to make something I am content with. Unfortunately, I don't get many offers to do the role I'm waiting for and work with the people I like.

By Rania Ihab